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My 2nd Presidential Speech
Published 2 weeks ago
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Well, I’m back to give another speech. Hope my helmet doesn’t muffle my voice too much. I got some complaints about that last time.
Anyway, there’s something you should know about me, I’m really insecure. I think way too much. I read way too much. I can be kinda awkward. I’m pretty much Peter Parker if he never got bitten by that radioactive spider.
IRL, I’m not some mysterious knight. I’m just another teenager trying to find his place in a world that’s only getting more crazy by the day.
But that’s the thing about Mecabricks, on here we can be anybody we want. We can be knights, Jedis, wizards and ninjas. I have some friends who have Lightsaber Making businesses. We can make our own worlds and stories all out of digital, interlocking, bricks.
We can be ourselves.
That’s one of the things that sets MB apart from other social media sites. The fact that we can be who we are and still accept each other. Acceptance is talked about a lot in modern culture, but I don’t feel like I ever see it displayed the right way.
A great example of true acceptance is when the guy in the (metaphorical) corner, who wears a knight helmet everywhere is welcomed into a community. When we can discuss our different opinions, share our personal views and even disagree while still being… ya know… friends. When a brand new user is getting picked on and people stand up for them. Mecabricks is just cool like that.
So back to the first part, yeah I guess I’m still rather insecure (that’s probably why I wear this helmet) and I’m definitely still trying to figure out where I fit in (aren’t we all
) but now I’m okay with it. And I want others to be too. I want to inspire other people the same way a lot of you guys inspired me. The president and vice president have an elevated platform to do that, which is why I’m running this time. And I hope that whoever wins will do the same.
But honestly, if you use this site, then you have that responsibility regardless.

I’d like to close with this quote:
"With great power, there must also come great responsibility"

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2 weeks ago
Dang, bro. That was a good speech.
what you said kind of reminded me of the-macaroni-who-must-not-be-named and how we all stood up for A7X.
2 weeks ago
@Ian and Op, Thanks guys!

@Justy, Yeah that incident really showed me what type of people are on here. You guys stood up for a user most you barley knew and that was really cool.
2 weeks ago
Wow, wonderful speech!
Honestly, I think you'd make a great prez
2 weeks ago
You have some talent there, Knight! That was a fantastic speech
2 weeks ago
Dude, I'm blown away. Great speech!

@justyouraveragebuilder who's the macoroni-who-must-not-be-named?
2 weeks ago
Wow. I know when I've been outdone, good work!
2 weeks ago
Thanks everyone! (I usually like addressing each person, but it's kinda pointless when I'm saying the same thing to all of them)

@A7X, I donno about that, I thought your speech was really great!
(Plus. . . you took off your helmet
@KFC you don't have to call me justyoraveragebuilder, that takes way too long to type. call me justy, jyab, or rageb (a new one I've been thinking about) and the-macaroni-tat-must-not-be-named was a cyber bully that targeted A7X and cussed a lot, and he had the IQ of a bag of sand, and the spelling abilities of a pool noodle covered in mayonaise.
2 weeks ago
@KoE Great speech!

@justy Well yeah.

Nah, I'm not going to participate in an election anytime soon. I have to put in my responsibility into my assignments.
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