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Writer's Block + Other Stuff (4K Views!)
Published 5 months ago
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~ Howdy,

Howdy y'all, I wanted to let y'all know that I have a lot on my plate recently academically, and I have a lot of unfinished projects I want to push out here on Mecabricks. Chapter 3 of Ninjago: Revelations is going to be the longest one so far and I bet they're only going to get longer. Plus, I'm working on finishing the Negachie story with something big, so there's that. And then finally, I'm working on (another) mini postlude of @LegoMaster707_2187's "Mecabricks: What If?" series. It's going to take some time, but once my college work dies down I should be able to publish models at a consistent pace. Hope y'all understand; and please, y'all let me know if you want to see more of this stuff. Wouldn't want to be stressing myself over nothing would I?

On another note, I haven't made a model or announcement about this, but thank y'all so much for 4K views! I really appreciate everyone here and consider Mecabricks a home away from home. It goes without saying but I love you guys! Y'all have a good one for me, will y'all?
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5 months ago
that mug...
I mean, no existing word can describe it, so I made blurf
5 months ago
Adding that one to Urban Dictionary!
5 months ago
what a better way to celebrate 4k views than to share your experience in anxiety
(i just realized you don't actually have much more views than me, only 500 more than me)
5 months ago
1. Congrats on 4K views!
2. Ok, so I recently went to a teen writers camp, right? Anyways, something that one of them said there is that writers block doesn’t exist. They said it’s all in your head. They said that in order to get rid of “writers block” you should try to identify WHY you’re having trouble writing. I’m also experiencing “writers block” rn, which I should be able to get rid of if I take some time and sit down to address the problem. (sorry, that was kind of long, you get muchos puntos if you understood any of it)
5 months ago
@LM, huh. That's a neat way of looking at it. Thanks.
5 months ago
Note: It doesn’t make dealing with writers block any less difficult however.
5 months ago
Congrats on the 4k views! Hope to see you soon!
5 months ago
When I'm experiencing builder's block (I'm not much of a writer) I just get a bunch of things I want to use and make something. Also, congrats!
5 months ago
This reminds me of a story I haven't continued to write in forever.
3 weeks ago
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3 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago
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