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The Mystery Ninja Chapter 13: Help Has Arrived!
Published 2 months ago
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The continuing of MN Chapter 13. We didn't lose all Hope! Enjoy!

MN Felt something hit him when he was turning around. And he looked over fully. And behind him was the PACK of other Mecabricks Heroines! As Ab took off his Armor and Stabbed the Minion!
AB: Eh, it's was getting hot in there! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
MN: Curse you!
Me: It's not my fault. Curse them!
As the thing AB and I both knew about was the signal of Mecabricks Users! (Most in their Ninja Forms) Citrine, TG, XF, FF, JB, MB, and more!
Me: Well, I guess we can call this done.
MN: This isn't done yet!
As he ran away in Anger and Frighten!
Me: Get him!
As all of us ran toward him!

To be continued....

~The Mystery Ninja Story by Lego_Lover~
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2 months ago
YES! I'll try my best, and I'm sure everyone else will!
2 months ago
Although, I gotta use my fire powers again..
2 months ago
Yeah. Well, then again, I guess everybody might have to use their Powers (Including me) But, I have some more of the Storyline coming up soon! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
2 months ago
I can muster wind without my ninja suit on. Just to let you know.
2 months ago
You're welcome AB and TG!
2 months ago
supa cool also don't bother changing tags I'll be jmanbricks again soon.
2 months ago
Thanks BM! And that's Awesome, because I was literally JUST thinking that I would have to Revise that! XDD
2 months ago
:DDDDD! Thank you so much for adding me! He would never stand a chance!
2 months ago
@Frenchfry207 You are so very Welcome!! And you are right!
2 months ago
Yup! I had fun posing your Figure too!
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