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The Antarctic Apocalypse Story Character Introduction: TheCJbricker10
Published 10 months ago
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Hello everybody!! Today I am showing you one of the most important Characters to this Storyline!! smiling face with open mouth It is @TheCJbricker10!! (AKA "CJ" for short, as that is what we all will be calling him in the Story! winking face )
Let's show you what happened to him!!

CJ had really been prepared for this! He was the supplier. As he got all of the Foods, Tools, and etc. etc. That is also why he features a lot of Accessories including his Lucky Excalibur!! Also probably one of the most warm as well here! CJ was one of the Standing Captains of Survival planning. As all of us Captains, and Chiefs share one BIG hut, which was also featured in the very first Chapter if the Series!! (But we did have to move everything, as that was a meeting for pretty much everybody we could fit!)

And that's it for my Amazing Bud CJ!!
I hope you enjoyed His Story as well as the others. And as always! Have a great day. And God Bless!! winking face

~The Antarctic Apocalypse Story Hosted by Lego_Lover~
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10 months ago
I forget how cool I look sometimes. BUT STILL! I'M FINALLY IMPORTANT
10 months ago
Thanks E.J.B!
CJ, Ikr?!
And also, the whole time you were one of the Captains!!
10 months ago
I always love reading these little character backstories! Are you come up with one for every single person?

If so, I'll be super hyped for mine >
10 months ago
Nice, you look so cool! Is that a speckle color for the cape? I've never had the idea to do that before.
10 months ago
Nah, it's just dark gray. It's the cape's texture that makes it look like that.
10 months ago
Oh. Well speckle color could still turn out cool anyways.
10 months ago
SWEET! Me next pls!
10 months ago
Nice figure! I love reading all these mini stories you make up for people. I read the other ones too, (realizes he forgot to like all off them...) Cant wait for more!
10 months ago
Thank you all very much for the complements!! And maybe TG next, but actually, maybe XF!!
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