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EPIC Lightsabers!!
Published 7 months ago
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Hey guys! I'm back! I have been sick, but I recovered! (And I just didn't get around to be doing this much, so. *sniff*) ANYWAYS!

I've made these Custom Lightsabers from my Imagination, and I hope you like them! Here is a list moving from left to right:

1: The 'Triple Cross Blade Lightsaber':
Good for dueling with the main blade (the vertical blade) and maintain to defend other oncoming attacks.

2: The 'Tri-Saber':
You can make up your own Description if you want.

3: The 'Y-Saber':
You can make up your own Description if you want.

4: The 'Shred-Saber':
Good for extra defense against multiple opponents.

5: Double Kylo Ren Blade Lightsaber
You can make your own Description if you want.

6: Accurate Kylo Ren Lightsaber:
Sooooo, this is still a Custom One, but it's not AS creative as the other ones, because I was just trying to make it look more accurate, because if you use the Official Lego Blade, then it of course the the Quillon blades (the 2 side blades, and yes, apparently that's what they're called) don't actually come out of the Hilt, like in the Toys, and Movies)

6: Custom Darkside Lightsaber:
I thought of using a different Hilt piece, other than the standard hilt piece for extra ideas. But overall, I thought it looked cool. smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

7: Accurate Inquisitor Lightsaber
I got 2 Rings Pieces and 2 Hilts, and I made both of the 2 of each Piece being parallel to each other, but clipping. The 2 Hilts were clipping parallel to each other to get the evenness of the 2 Blades, so I thought it looked pretty close, because there isn't the Official Lego Inquisitor Lightsaber Hilt on Mecabricks.

8: Accurate Darksaber:
Okay, so for this one I put the slanted hand guard (the 1x1 flat tile) on the Hilt, to try to replicate what it looked like in the Shows. I've tried this on my own before on Mecabricks, but this is the final product. And I used the Lego NINJAGO short Katana's to go on top, because 1: the end of the blade is at an angle, and 2: because the normal Katana clips too much with the Hilt. But overall I like the outcome!

Okay, here's a thing that I want you all to do. Select whichever one of these Lightsabers was your favorite, and go into the Editor, and put in your Normal or Star Wars SigFig holding the Lightsaber that you chose (you may change the colors of the blade or the Hilt, or both winking face ) and Render it, and post it here, on this Model!

Or, if you want, you can make your own Custom Lightsaber, and Render you SigFig (Normal or Star Wars) with it, and post it here as well! All of that is accepted!

And, I'm okay if you have criticism with some of these, because "oH, wELL i'vE nEVeR sEeN tHAT iN dA sTaR wARs uNiVeRsE!"
And just know, that I'm trying to post this to Lego/Star Wars fans who like Customs, like me, and things that might not even belong in the Star Wars Universe!

So, yeah! That's it! I hope you liked it, and have a God Blessed day!

~Lego_Lover's Star Wars Customs~
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7 months ago
2. The Triangle Saber:
What I threaten my Jedi math teacher with

3. The Y-saber:
What we have to use when some dummy breaks the field goal

4. The Shred-Saber:
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7 months ago
I guess I’lll make my own description!

The Tri-Saber: Probably some throwable laser rather than a Lightsaber.
7 months ago
These are some weird yet really cool designs!

I have the 'Custom Darkside Lightsaber' on my sith and jedi!
7 months ago

However, if you want to get an accurate kilo ren you could take some advice from kraus and use the other hilt piece!
7 months ago
Thank you so much everybody for the support! I am still going to make more, or, that is what I plan!
7 months ago
Cool! You should check out my latest stuff!
7 months ago
You're welcome!
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