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14 Reasons Why Wiz Is Definitely WEIRD!
Published 5 months ago
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You know—everybody’s weird. Everybody has something that makes them unusual or different.
Then there are some people. Some people SO weird, they have habits and secrets that would shock you like a defibrillator.

I thought I’d make you a guide to my weirdness, just so you know exactly who, (or what) you’re dealing with here.

A warning: You may find the following facts extremely weird and undesirable—but you’re going to read them anyway, aren’t you?

1. I can sneeze without making any noise whatsoever…
(And no, I don’t just muffle the sound with my elbow, I mean the sneezes themselves are completely silent…)

2. I didn’t learn to ride a bike or tie my shoes until age 11! (My excuse is that before, I’d always worn shoes with Velcro's, and never needed to use a bike…

3. I knew every Star Wars character before I’d seen the movies. I also made a 7-foot-long chart of paper taped together, with marks that measured each of their individual heights. I’d spend lots of time holding up the chart against the wall and comparing my height to theirs…

4. Both are great, but I prefer Dumbledore to Gandalf. *everyone gasps* As far as Dumbledore is concerned, I like Michael Gambon better than Richard Harris. *louder gasp*
(Also, I preferred Dark World to the First Thor. IMO, Thor 1 is the easily the worst Marvel movie…
*deafening gasp, everyone chokes because they need to breathe out*

5. I was born with a large, brown, oval-shaped birthmark—dead center in the back of my right hand. (This was useful during the early lesson of left and right…

6. Six years ago, I took a Vietnamese martial art named “Qwan-Ki-Do”. (I’m not making this up—and I’m not Vietnamese…
Because of this, I also knew how to count to ten in Vietnamese, which by now I’ve forgotten. But I have kept the wooden pole I practiced with, during the Qwan-Ki-Do years.

7. I can make the fishy face while having complete control over my puckered lips, being able to open and close them with my cheeks sucked tightly under my teeth.

8. Four years ago, I had a LEGO Batman movie cap. I liked it so much that I refused to take it off until I showered and went to sleep. This continued on for, well… a while.
I wore it for so long, some of my friends even forgot what my hair looked like!
(I kept the hat, and it’s still encrusted with a ring of my head salt…

9. I have a bamboo plant that I bought five years ago, that’s still growing in my room.

I also sleep with a stuffed dog named “Fatty-Hatty”. (Don’t ask…

10. At my Kindergarten grad, I participated in a competition. The challenge was to eat a whole lemon. I, of course, ate the WHOLE lemon—peel and all. Guess who won?

11. Four years ago, I spent a lot of time in front of the mirror, training my eyelids.
That work payed off! I can now twitch my lower eyelids both simultaneously and separately.

12. Occasionally, if I stand up too soon, I can go blind for up to five seconds. This happened once while I was getting out of bed, and the already dim room turned black. I tripped, banging my head on the alarm clock!

13. A few years ago, I went to a camp for missionary kids. (MKs
One of the boys I met there and hung out with looked like another kid I knew outside of camp named “Darius.” For this reason, I terrorized him for the entire week of camp by only referring to him as Darius.
At the end of camp, I overheard him telling his parents,
“There’s this weird kid here—he calls me ‘Darius’ all the time!”

But aside from that—erm—hiccup, we stayed “camp companions” in the following years…

14. Here comes the weirdest one—you ready?

Yes, you’re ready?…
Okay, then…
I’m going to tell you…
The really weird thing is that I’m telling all of this to a bunch of strangers on a construction toy website!

I hope you enjoyed this—and hopefully still consider me human…
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5 months ago

That is interesting.
5 months ago
a few things...

4. I recall you saying that Jude Law was your favorite Dumbledore, if I'm not mistaken? *hairy eyeball*

5. "dead in the center of the flat of my right right."
pretty sure that's not a human body part...
but what do I know? I'm not a chemist! *idiotic face*

11. can you believe that I can move my eyebrows independantly? I practiced doing a wave with my eyebrows, AND IT WORKED! BOOYAH!!! B)

12. who doesn't, tbh?

13. *sarcastic and confused tone* I'd hate to be called by my name for a week, wouldn't everyone?

I hope you enjoyed my response, and hopefully still consider me a martian
5 months ago
a few things...

4. I recall you saying that Jude Law was your favorite Dumbledore, if I'm not mistaken? *hairy eyeball*

5. "dead in the center of the flat of my right right."
pretty sure that's not a human body part...
but what do I know? I'm not a chemist! *idiotic face*

11. can you believe that I can move my eyebrows independantly? I practiced doing a wave with my eyebrows, AND IT WORKED! BOOYAH!!! B)

12. who doesn't, tbh?

13. *sarcastic and confused tone* I'd hate to be called by my name for a week, wouldn't everyone?

I hope you enjoyed my response, and hopefully still consider me a martian
5 months ago

4. Yes, but between the two controversial Dumbledores—Gambon all the way!!

5. There, I fixed it. Happy?!?

11. Wow… very impressive. If “eyebrow dancing” ever becomes a fad, I’m sure you’ll be popular—while I make a fortune as an actor who can twitch his eyes.
5 months ago
Hmmmm... Whelp, time to respond to all of these!!!

1. Mine are...like... LOUD.

2. I learned both at 7

3. SAME. (except for the poster thing)

4. I like them both equally! I also like Gambon better than Law.

5. I am not going to divulge where my birthmark is


7. I can't. Period.

8. Head salt!

9. BAMBOOOOOOO!!! Fatty Hatty

10. YoU.

11. I can only twitch my left one, but Tall still thinks it's creepy
(I can also fold my bottom eyelids in)

12. I get dizzy and fall over

13. erm...

14. yep. that is weird.


all in all, you ain't hooman.
5 months ago
did you fix it? did you?
"the back of my right."
once again, not an existing body part
5 months ago
Sounds normal to me
5 months ago
LMC - Don’t worry, there are medics nearby…
5 months ago
Did you even read that super long comment that took 5 hours to type?!?!?! Just kidding
5 months ago
Mr. F - I’m sorry, I just didn’t have a response.
I do appreciate your comment, of course.

Also, I’m leaving for a week… so see ya!
5 months ago
You're gonna have like 2,000,000 notifications when you get back.
5 months ago
Here are some weird things about me:

1: I only finish about 15% of my sneezes - the other 85% end up incomplete.

2: I have detached earlobes, and I have a cut under one of them. There is usually a scab there, and no matter how long I leave it alone for it to heal, it doesn't go away!

3: In 1st grade, I had a business selling origami to my classmates during indoor recess.

4: I never burp, the burp gas stuff always bubbles away in my throat when I am about to burp.

5: I don't like M&Ms. (I almost got kicked out of my family for that XD)

6: I can hum with my nose.

7: My dog had a fox chew toy, and she ripped the head off and pulled out the fluff. I like to put it on my hand like a boxing glove and beat up my little brother with it.

8: I once managed to hit a baseball while batting - but I didn't swing the bat.

9: I don't play video games very much, but one time I went to an arcade for one of my friend's birthday parties, and I got more points than everyone else. Combined.

10: In fourth grade, my desk was so messy that everyone in my class, including the teacher, called it the Desk of Doom.

Also, #12 happens to me too, but when it happens, I get dizzy and my head feels four times heavier, too.
5 months ago
oh, I forgot to mention that I can use two different voices at the same time.
5 months ago
What do you mean, if you stand up too soon?
5 months ago
If he stands up quickly. I have a similar problem.
5 months ago
1. O-O Lucky.

2. Also O-O

I do not at all remember when I learned those skills. I do know that I tied bows, knots, and any sort of confusing tangle on any string I got my hands on, NOT LIMITED TO SHOELACES. I got a special rope from dad specifically for the purpose of tying knots, to keep me away from other shoes etc.
I was regarded as the master of tying and un-tying things.

3. You sound unnervingly like my brother...
My geekness is book geekness. And Disney song geekness.

4. I honestly- prefer neither? NOT my area of geekness.
I liked the first Thor fine, to my brother's horror. I guess his eyebrows do look better un-bleached, tho...

I have lots of freckles on my right hand, and less on my left. My dad constantly thinks my hands are dirty and tries to clean them. *lifts eyes to the heavens*
I love them! They're my special touch.

6. Okay... that actually sounds really cool.
I can count to a billion in English, one hundred in Spanish, ten in French and Chinese, and nine in German. I can also remember aath and saat in Indian (Hindi)-but I don't remember which numbers they are.

7. Same! I can suck my cheeks in so far they touch in my mouth. Then I bite down on them.

8. . . .

I think you said that on the W.E.I.R.D. Club. It's interesting.

*Leans over and retches slightly off to the side of the chair*
Can't say I have a similar Weird.

9. Neat!
I've told y'all about my stuffed animals and their names.
My oldest one is the floppy tan tiger named Zouzab from my first birthday.
Also, I'm asking: why Fatty-Hatty?

You said that on the Club, too.
Weirdest things I've eaten is swordfish and a cricket that tasted like really dusty-crumbly barbecue chips. Probably a bunch of unsanitary stuff as a baby too, but that doesn't count.

Stop doing things like my brother!

12. That happens to me all the time! Our doctor says it's because blood can't circulate fast enough to get to your head and such when you stand up suddenly. Happens more often with tall kids.

13. Poor kid .


If you didn't have at least five really weird things about you, THEN I wouldn't consider you human.
5 months ago

2. I’m fine with LEGO bricks, and not bad at sketching, but ka-nots still confound me…

3. Maybe that’s why me and Mr. F get along!

Also—books are great, and can tell a longer, more detailed story, but I prefer cinema in general…

4. That’s okay! It is a free country world!

5. Anytime somebody sees my birthmark, they think that I was scarred in a fire or something…

6. Now it’s my turn to go: O-O

8. I did!

9. *sighs deeply* You just asked… didn’t you?…

Oh, well…
My older sibling made up a random poem, inspired by a VeggieTales book about Pa Grape, and we named the doggo after the poem. Here it is:

My name’s Fatty-Hatty!
Hello—who are you?
I’m fat, and I like to wear hats—do you?

Well… there you go…

10. I did, too! Also, can’t say I’ve eaten cricket before…

11. *stands by innocently* I didn’t do anything! I’m sorry you don’t like hearing about my twitchy eyes…

12. True! But I don’t even get that dizzy, I just lose my vision…

13. Meh—he’s okay…

14. O-O *beams away to home planet*
5 months ago

3. Yes! You and Slim are really similar.


4. Yup!

5. Oh my gosh



The latest poem I've made up (inspired by Slim) (Sung to the tune of America):

Oh pineapples, oh pineapples, I hate your acid taste!
I'd like to crush you with a truck and cream you into paste!
And then I'd bake a pie with you all burnt into disgrace,
And top it off with vinegar and squash you on "Slim's" face!!!

10. It was at this park event. I was the second person ever the whole time to eat one. I got a sticker for it, too!

I HATE bugs.

11. o_O


14. O_O O_O O_O O_O
5 months ago
Tall - *dirty socks drip out of mouth and mumbles though them*
It’s a choice…
5 months ago
uh, I could read all of these comments... or I could just... not read the comments? I mean, the short ones, I can follow, bbut the long ones make me tired just by thinking about reading them. and this is the person who's currently on chapter X of The Two Towers. (pretty boring/exciting book) so either take that as a compliment or a bunch of words. wait, I just made a long comment! I've become the very thing I swore to destroy!Slim, don't say it. you know what I mean. about LoTR.
so yeah...
5 months ago
LM7 - By “X”, I’m pretty sure he means 10, since that’s the Roman Numeral for the number.
5 months ago
I feel the same way about the Two Towers. I was on it for more than a year.
5 months ago
fatty hatty pretty weird
5 months ago
1- I literally scream like a 3 year old girl when I sneeze

2- I actually learned to ride my bike without training wheels at the age of 5!

3- Is it weird that I did the exact same thing...?

4- Dumbledore in my opinion is way better than Gandalf. Maybe just because I have a huge connection to HP but idk.

5- I actually don't, and have never had any birth marks!

6- I've never taken any sort of martial arts classes in my life. I'm not really into stuff like that. I LOVE photography and drawing!

7- Um...

8- Did you just say head salt?

9- I'm WAY too attached to my 17 stuffed animals that are shoved on my tiny loft bed.

10- YOU!!

11- I'm not even gonna ask...

12- That happens to my sister too! Exept she just falls over...Once I was peacefully eating my Cheerios when my sister walkes to the other side of the counter and just faints. It looked hilarious

13- So you were at a camp with a kid named Darius...*Jurassic World theme plays*

14- We're all weird pall...you're not alone
5 months ago

3. Woah! That’s crazy!

4. I agree. Dumbledore’s death was a lot sadder, and he’s a much more human character. I’m glad we got his backstory with his family and everything—it really changed how I thought about him as a kid.

6. Same! At the time I just wanted to be able to beat up my older sibling!

12. That does sound funny!
I don’t even get dizzy, my eyes just stop working for a few seconds…

13. I assume that’s from Camp Cretaceous? I have NETFLIX, but I haven’t watched the show yet…

14. Thanks!
4 months ago
Wiz: It's a really good series! I would definitely recommend!
4 months ago
BBS - I’ll see if I can watch it later…
4 months ago
asks why you sleep with a dog named fatty hatty
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