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100 Models, 6.2K Views, and 720+ Likes
Published 2 months ago
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100 Models, 6.2K Views, 720+ Likes

Alright! Here's my 100th model for y'all. It's just a simple announcement (actually the first announcement in quite a while). It's good to be back and kickin'.

Thank you all for what Mecabricks has become. It has been a pleasure building, viewing, liking, chatting, commenting, and combining with the many 100K+ users out there. Though the glory days are behind us, we can still keep up with each other.

There are 4 users with whom I feel connected the most, the longest, and describe parts of my personality very, very well:

Lax_Swag5 (now LaxsCCStudios): He's one of my closest friends, and his seriousness mirrors mine on another scale. He also grew up fast, faster than me, and when I'm away, I just like how he keeps up with discussions.

justyouraveragebuilder (currently being a virus): The joyful one. Justy brings a lot of skits (like my Banana robot and many others), and really fits my joyful side very well. (also, #waffles!)

Greenflame24 (currently radioactive): His models and personality describes my more generally. His builds are also very good, from description to build to comments! Like justy, his humorous replies to whenever I slip my tongue always gets me well.

Last-but-not-Least-Operator011: Incredible MOC detail. He takes his time on stuff but is otherwise very happy around (look around with Discord for more on that) and chatting with him is always a pleasure, even if he's late. (I'm still waiting for that mask to be taken off...

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2 months ago
Congrats Cake!
Thanks for those kind words!
2 months ago
Congrats Cake and Bake!!
3 weeks ago
Wow, I never saw this, Cake! When was this posted? A month ago? Wow.
Thank you for the . . . as Lax said, kind words (don't want to plagiarize)!
3 weeks ago
Op: It doesn't make much a difference to me.
2 weeks ago
I need to check people profiles more often... I'm too wrapped up in my own world O_O

Anyways, Congrats Cakery!!!! And thank you for the shout out
You are more than great to have around
114 models | 7.9k views
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