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Old Fishing Store
Published 5 years ago
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The Old Fishing Store is rebuilt - a nice refreshing change from some of the standard design sets. With a nice rustic old feel, the wooden boards, loose siding and the old fishermen are what really set this apart.
Missing Pieces;
76382 - Dark Azure City Child Torso
24086 - Medium Dark Flesh Net
26415 - Printed Medium Dark Flesh TNT
76382 - Medium Stone Grey Overalls Fisherman
21019 - Olive Green Minifig Waders and Boots Hips and Legs
24947 - Red Sphere 2x2x1 1/3 Inverted
35765 - Reddish Brown Tile 2x4 with Antons Bait Shop Decor
21019 - Sand Blue Minifig Overalls and Boots Hips and Legs
35764 - Tan Tile 1x2 with Hooks Decor
76382 - Tan Minifig Woolen Sweater Torso
16360 - Tan Minifig White Shortsleeve Shirt /w Outer Fisher Jacket
19524 - Tan Tile 2x2 with Map Decor
95228 - Transparent Black Minifig Bottle - Transparent Brown used
35973 - White Seagull - White Bat used
13553 / 31841 - White Captain Hat
25389 - Yellow Tile 1x1 with Black Writing Sticky Note (Post-It)
19407 - Yellow Soldiers Fort Governor Minifig Head
35724 - Yellow Minifig Head with Decor

Great build, with lots of clutter and detail. I will definitely be buying this one.
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2090 pieces
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5 years ago
Lobster is in the library under reference 27152d1.
5 years ago
Cheers Scrubs, I will add it in. Can it be placed in the Animals category?
5 years ago
My bad, must have missed it somehow
5 years ago
Great job madmatt667! This must have taken a bit of time to build.

Just by chance, I noticed the earth green chair attached to a turntable has collided with the top half of the turntable.
5 years ago
Thanks Masman8675, it was a long but fun build.
Eagle eye skills at work there! I have sorted that chair and added the lobsters
5 years ago
Thanks a lot Gideon26!
5 years ago
Love the spider web hidden under the main building. There is just a small problem to fix with the foot of the telescope. Otherwise, a great work.
5 years ago
Great render Carlierti, thanks for posting.
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