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Penumbra X-type
Published 3 years ago
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This car was made two years ago and has experienced quite a rework recently. Wheels were changed here on mecabricks with a good portion of cheating.
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280 pieces
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3 years ago
Thanks! smiling face with open mouth

I also made my own (but very basic of course) blender render this night, and... forgot to save the image before closing blender disappointed face
3 years ago
I hate when that happens -_-
3 years ago
Well, my procedural scratches are a bit too overdone here. A nice car like this should look like polished.
3 years ago
Awesome! Great renders Rb!
3 years ago
Thank you very much for that wonderful renders RB! smiling face with open mouth
3 years ago
Update +++

I dropped the random transforms of the bricks. I have a setup where I scale down the bricks to 99,5% and rotate and translate them a bit but the bigger the parts the more issues I will get.

I removed the procedural specular and roughness maps and lowered the scratches. This will speed up the rendering extremely.

Finally I revised the wheels to a higher resolution.

You can compare the difference with the old renderings.
3 years ago
Can't stop comparing..!
3 years ago
Blender has a temporary file folder that it puts the renders in. if you can find that folder than the render might still be in it.
3 years ago
Second version without a doubt.
3 years ago
I have updated the wheels of the former scene, removed the random effect for the parts, lowered the procedural maps for scratches, specular and roughness effects and updated the pictures.
3 years ago
I nearly split all my coffee on my screen smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes This is amazing, both the model and the renders !
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