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Chapter 16
Published 1 year ago
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Not written as well as I would like...

As the battle raged, each fought in his own manner. While each ninja wielded his weapon, Operator011 played video games, or, it looked like it. His game controller was hooked up to every gun, and each was reviled on all the nearby monitors. How he managed to manage all of these it couldn’t be told by most, only those who knew of the power he held, a power of his name. Guns fired and soldiers fell, but it wasn’t enough. They had broken in, and even with the use of the internal guns Operator couldn’t hold them back. They came closer, and closer, and before long they were almost at the door, the ship was flooded with soldiers. Pulling a small detonator from a bucket under the desk Operator tossed it through the open doorway; it exploded seconds later, giving him a bit more time. If he could keep this up he could use this ship as a trap, luring in hundreds of guards, yet each wouldn’t realize they were headed for a hook operation, so to speak.

“Oh SnapStudios,” Operator said to himself as a few soldiers were picked up down the hall on camera. Grabbing another bomb he tossed it down again, the guards didn’t have time to say goodbye, yet a new set did have to to say hello. They ran in before Op had time to grab another explosive, firing away at every little thing as if it were a trap or threat, and who could blame them? The whole way up to the bridge lasers had seemed to fire out of nowhere, small guns peaking through gaps in the walls. Operator hardly had time to jump behind his chair and pull out his own blaster. Suddenly, a random shot bore down on the bucket of detonators, and both solider and operator disappeared as the bridge exploded.

“Goodbye friend,” Ninjacatz said from outside. He’d seen a flash from the corner of his left eye, only to turn and see the bridge collapse in smoldering ruins. He turned back to fight again, suddenly noticing their lack of help. Many of the ninja had fallen, including Kai, Jay, and Tristan. Only and handful of cyber ninjawere remained, besides himself.

“Got any tricks up your sleeve?” An orange and blue one asked.

“I wish, but no. I think that knight and the other dudes made it though.”

“They did,” the ninja said, kicking a guy in the head and slicing another with his sword.

“So is our job complete now? Like, can we go?”

“Nothing holding you back, go for it.”

“Yes!” Catz ran away with excitement. Why? He couldn’t really say, but if he could make it to a doorway before dieing five more times, he’d been killed again since his encounter with KnightofElabor, he’d be free to explore the ship and maybe find the others.

Clunk! The room vibrated and went dark, each solider falling suddenly motionless to the ground. A few red lights suddenly began to blink high up on the walls, followed by a screaming alarm.

“What in all of—” Catz couldn’t finish as the large doors of the hanger bay slid open, and an invisible force sucked everything and body away to be lost in the cold depths of space forever. A minute later, they slid close again, and everything went back to a seemingly normal.


The main entrance slid open sharply, and Lord Phantom turned in surprise to see his pawn, Greenflame24, enter the large room. He had just finished converting all the prisoners to power, and things were ready to launch. However, why was Greenie here? He had his job to get rid of the pestiferous persons who’d been attempting to bite at his heels. He’d done a good job so far, but the work wasn’t finished, and the lord couldn’t move forward until it was.

“Greenflame, I don’t think things are finished, has something new sprung up?” He turned and began to work at the computers, acting much more superior than his servant, but looked up as no response came, except the sound of the closing doors. “Greenflame, is there a problem?”

“Yes,” I said, “you’re alive.”

Phantom stood startled, and bewildered. Greenflame was as sharp as ever, and burning with passion and controlled anger. He must have somehow overcome, but, how could he have? Lord Phantom was a perfectionist, and nothing he made had error to it. How could his mind controlling program have failed? Someone may have reprogramed the mind, but, but no one had. He’d kept a loose eye on Greenie over the hours, and there hadn’t possibly been enough time for someone too. He sighed. “Get back out there scum, or I shall have no choice but to end your wretched life,” he said this, not knowing exactly how to respond, and feeling bitter about the situation.

“I’m not your servant anymore. No, you forgot one power that you can’t overcome, yet it can overcome you.”

“What power could that possibly be?” He hissed.


“Love?” He scoffed, “what is love?”

“Love is that which contains courage, sacrifice, strength, forgiveness, and much more. There was both courage and strength in the death of SnapStudio, and forgiveness in the eyes of Guitarman2, not only in them though, but in every user. From Dragon_Rider06 to the ones I never witnessed, I saw sacrifice and more. Beyond this I belong to a true Lord, not one who is powerless apart from the power he steals, yet one who is himself power and love.”

Phantom glared, angry and about to burst. “You’re wrong,” he said through clinched teeth.

“Prove it,” I whispered.

“Oh I will, and your dead body will be my sign.” With these words his stretch out his hand and ignited one of his ghastly purple flames. With a smile, I stretch out my hand, and lit my own.


KnightofElabor ran down each hall, turning whoever Random dude directed. After running for about twenty minutes the dude stopped both him and J2fam77 however.

“Boys,” he said cockily, “We don’t have much time from what I’ve gathered. KoE, If you go straight, take the nearest elevator to the top floor, and run until you see a set of large sliding doors you will be in Lord Phantom’s throne room.”

“We’re not going there.”

“You are, J2 and I will release the prisoners. You just have to distract, and if you can, defeat Phantom. Go.”

“Now listen, I’ve put up with a lot of your persistence, yet—”

“You know I’m right bro, go. Just trust me man, no matter how it feels. Do it for your friends, I can’t explain everything, but you need to go.”

KoE Stood in silence, no one able to understand the thoughts taking place behind his helmet. “Fine,” he finally said, and turned to race down the hallway.

“Follow me,” Random dude said, pulling on J2’s arm and leading him in a different direction.

“You’re sure this is the right thing to do?”

“Absolutely, I’ve got a plan, and it’s a bit different but…” he looked back at J2, who hadn’t followed yet. “Come on man, as I said to the knight, trust me.” He let out a fake smile and shrugged. “I’ve got this under control.”

“Okay, I’m coming.”

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 year ago
We're coming to the end......
Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work!
1 year ago
Thanks to both of you! And yes... the end is near
1 year ago
Epic, Greenie! The finale of this story will be awesome.

Love how I kept tossing grenades from a control room.
Very well written, my friend!
1 year ago
Oh man! It made me so happy to see Greeny come back to himself!
.I may or may not have almost cried
Great work, Greeny!
1 year ago
@Operator Thank you! Originally you were going to acidently blow yourself up... but that's not heroic

@Dragon Feels good to be normal again

.That actually makes me happy to hear, sorry
1 year ago
Greenie: Well . . . it sounds like something I would do.
1 year ago
Oh yes things are heating up (sorry for the bad pun)

For a moment Greenie I literally thought you had an inhibitor chip O_O but its nice to see you come back to your senses
Epic chapter
1 year ago
@Operator Well, at least your not so bad as to ignite a bomb and then stick it on the desk, wanting to check your notifs real quick before you ---- BOOOOOOM!!!!!!!

, I wouldn't have even noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out
. Anyways, thank you, and I can see what you mean
1 year ago
Great chapter!
Was awesome how you tied a Christian
message into it, in the way that you did.
1 year ago
oh boy the last chapter of this story is gonna be insane!!
can't wait!!!
1 year ago
@Gold Thank you!

@KoE It's out, and thank you
... wait... no... it's not out... but the next chapter is. I think we still have one more chapter... and an epilogue.

@Snap Yes, it came to me kinda at that last minute... I thought it sorta fit
Anyways thank you!

@Dragon Hopefully... the last chapter is kinda... sad?
1 year ago
@Justy I don't know what that's supposed to mean O_O
1 year ago
I believe he thinks you should've had 24 green flamethrowers.
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