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Chapter 8
Published 1 year ago
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Okay, so things are starting to heat up a little more... also, Imma gonna be in North Carolina for da week... I don't know if I'll be on at all, hopefully a little, but no promises

My eyes opened again and my senses came to as soon as I was dropped to the floor. The guards remained by my sides, and I rose my head to look around. The room was dark, and reminded me of Darth Sidious’ throne room, but highlighted with dispersed purple lights. Suddenly to my surprise, I saw the Sith himself coming towards me, stepping down the steps in an almost ghost like fashion. As he came closer however, and my vision became more focused itself, his form differed from the familiar foe to a new one. Though he was similarly cloaked in black, bits of gold and purple covering his chest. He face, and transparent violet strip hidden behind an evil colt like ninja mask and peered down at me with despicable pleasure.

“An intruder?” He whispered to himself. “Haven’t I seen you before, somewhere else, Greenflame?”

“Uh…” I didn’t know how to respond.

“You will be of much use to me, yes, I will gain much from your assistance.”

“I’m glad to know that, but I’m late for work so…” I trailed off, glancing both to my right and left before leaping into the air and igniting my lightsaber.

The guards reacted quickly, but with a surprisingly simple spin a sent both their top and lower halves toppling to the floor.

“Looks like your guards were stupid enough not to disarm me,” I said while pointing my weapon at the unknown villain.

“Oh, that’s a pity, cost them their lives did it?”

“And it’s about to cost you yours.”

There was a pause, an unfitting one. I should have leapt for him instantly, or at least a screen writer would have said so, but for some reason I hesitated. As I was waiting my opponent began to chuckle a ghastly laugh, and then I made my move. Leaping forwards I rose my saber into the air, and the laughter grew louder. Suddenly, the stranger shot his hand forwards, sending forth a ghostly sphere of purple fire that screeched with the sound of death. I struck it with my lightsaber, but it pushed through at the same nerving pace as struck me, sending my body flying across the room. I struck the wall thirteen feet above the floor before falling, which was the most painful part. Groaning with pain I lifted myself up, only to see two more phantom like flames coming for me. This time I had no weapon to try and defend myself with, I’d lost it during my unpleasant visit with the wall, and so I attempted to dodge whatever curse was headed in my direction. These attempts were also futile, and I again found myself striking the wall and collapsing to the floor. I laid there for a moment, my ears and head ringing with pain and the sick laughter that had begun to drift away now.

“Don’t give up so easily now Greenflame, you have more to you than that.”

I looked up, and slowly rose to my feet again, being very watchful and expecting the worst. However the figure only stood there, obviously smiling from under that mask of his. He playfully spun his hand in the air, a small trail of purple flame following it. With a lighthearted toss of his arm he sent the trail, now a miniature version of its predecessors, flying towards me. Stepping aside I let it glide past, shivering at its haunting call. Suddenly it turned around, and once more flew towards me. I ducked, let it fly less that an inch over my head, and rose to see it’s sender catch it in mid air. He casually placed his hand in his robe as if putting his power away, and then gestured for me to come closer.

“Don’t be afraid Greenflame, I won’t hurt you anymore, I have a job for you.”

“We’ll never help you,” I said firmly.

“Oh, so there are more! How terrible, but nevertheless, I shall use them as well, yet more for sport than help.”

I suddenly realized my flaw, and looked away with shame. The cloaked man, or phantom, or whatever he was went on talking on a calm a patronizing tone, but I didn’t pay attention. I’d just failed my friends, and by failing them I’d failed everyone. I began to feel weak, and miserable, and my emotions began to feel out of wack. I looked up wide eyed, my body unwillingly starting to tremble, and felt humiliation as my foe noticed this with pleasure.

“I see you are afraid, and that your mind is weak, or weaker than It was. Speaking of weakness, what is this?”

Walking over he placed a hand on my reactor, shaking his head as if what he saw was sadly disgraceful. This only worsened my fear, and my trembling increased.

“Please go away,” I whispered, unaware of how small and childlike I was becoming.

“Oh no, it’s not I who am to go, but you.”

“Your letting me go?” I asked with slight yet doubtful hope.

“Well, I’m letting the present you go, yes, you’re going to leave, and a new much more powerful Greenflame24 shall take your place.”

I didn’t know how to understand his words, and tried to back away. He shook his head and clasped my shoulder, and then I collapsed as a sudden burst of power flooded into me. Once more now I lay on the ground unconscious and helpless, unaware of what was about to take place.

“Guards!” The figure called powerfully, yet still every bit as ghostly and terrible as ever.

“Yes Lord Phantom,” came a quick response as three more white and purple troopers appeared from a nearby doorway.

“Guards take this wretch to the lab and have him get the Loyalty treatment. His mind needs some reprogramming.”

The figures didn’t give any verbal response, but immediately hoisted my body up and drug me away.


LegoWilderness and Dragon_Rider06 should have been on my tail in minutes, but hadn’t. D_R had accidentally sent the ship into emergency lockdown mode not more than two minutes after they had left, how she did this both had no idea, and it took a good half an hour to get the thing operating again.

“Just don’t touch any buttons unless I tell you, please,” LW asked once they were flying again.

“I’m sorry, but let’s just dry up and move on with this mission.”

“Yeah, well, let’s just hope Greenie’s faired okay without us.”

They flew on in silence. At the speed they were going they should be in sight of the ship soon, and indeed they were. At first it was only a small purplish gray spec, and then it grew as anything would, till finally even from a good distance they could see its massive form.

“That’s a lot of LEGOs,” LW said is awe.

“Who on earth had time to build that thing! And I thought the Master’sBuddy was big.”

“MeltingBrick, really, most of us have agreed on that.”

“LW, it’s the Master’sBuddy. The MeltingBrick just sounds, wait, is that a laser?” D_R asked while pointing past LW’s ear at a small red glowing particle that was coming towards them at a rapid seed. LW swerved to the right and sure enough, a large laser whipped passed them.

“Oh great,” he said, “we’ve been spotted.”

“Well, what do we do, I mean, oh there’s another one!”

LW swerved again, and again. They were getting a lot closer now, and the closer they got the more the fire increased. Soon LW was dodging lasers like crazy and spun around, now heading away from the ship.

“What are we doing!” D_R yelled.

“I have a new plan, and am getting a fresh start.”

“Oh, well, what is it Bingo Boy?”

“Bingo Boy, now where did that come—”

“Oh just dry up and tell me what we’re doing!”

“Alright, just, wait argh!” He jolted the ship up and away from another blast. “Okay, get your gear on and I’m going to drop you off as close to the ship as I can.”

“What about you!”

“I’ll distract them, we just need to make sure that at least one of us makes it inside.”

“But what if you get, well, shot.”

“Did I ever tell you how many spacecraft I flew during the time y’all were getting captured and what not?” He asked, knowing very well that he’d flown absolutely nothing, but needed to get D_R to stop prying into his plan.

“Alright fine, but, well, don’t kill yourself.”

“I know what I’m doing,” he said with a wink. “You just find Greenie and the others. If I can I’ll join you.”

With a quick goodbye and a nod D_R strapped on the rest of her gear, and waited for LW, who was putting the ship in attack mode, to give her the green light to go. Turning the fighter around he took a deep breath, and once more headed for the inevitable onslaught of laser beams. They flew past the ship like the wind itself, and it was all he could do to keep from getting blown to pieces. D_R had her hand on a lever which would open a hatch for her to exit from, but she wished she could think of some other way. Leaving LW to fend on his own just seemed wrong, and he probably wasn’t as capable of surviving as he was letting on, and this was seeming more evident the closer they got. If it were not for the stupid oxygen mask she was wearing she’d have told him to turn around, but she couldn’t, and the others did need them.

“Now!” LW said, breaking her train of thought.

Pulling the lever down she reluctantly pushed forward and disappeared into the infinite space beyond. LW sighed, kept his gaze forward. That would probably be the last of his friends he’d ever see; no, he hadn’t planned on escaping this one, it was too unlikely, but D_R could. Turning the thrusters to full capacity he flew forward and a ferocious speed, firing his own laser canons at just about anything in front of him. He veered to the right and as from from D_R’s direction as he could go, coming very close to the edge of the other ship. Crack! Something jolted from behind the cockpit, he’d received his first hit.

“Goodbye,” he whispered to no one in particular while swerving over to fly above the ships massive surface.

Pow! Another shot struck his right wing, sending visible trails of flame and smoke streaking past his window, leaving a nasty black mark. He felt the fighter began to lurch, and spin out of his control. Two more blasts jolted the ship again, and he closed his eyes just before the spacecraft collided with a nearby gun tower. There was a blast, streaks of fire filling the nearby space, and then in an instant nothing was left but a smoldering black spot. LegoWilderness was gone.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 year ago


He went kaboom I. Undar the dryar system
1 year ago

1 year ago
. . . I honestly don't know what to say. You warned us, I guess.
1 year ago
Great. Jumping. Gumdrops.

I love your last tag.
1 year ago
Wow, (I feel like I say this a lot) Nice chapter! very.... ...well.... O_o

(I find that the best part of a model is the tags XD)
1 year ago
@Fireblade, oh so true!

@Greeny, Tomatoes are epic . . . except when you don't have any . . . then they're annoying. . .
If I live to be one hundred, I will not forget this chapter . . .
Jumping on beds is the cause of all problems.
1 year ago
Simply beautiful. A magnificent pie- wait, I CAN'T SLEEP ON THURSDAYS????????????????????????

Also, I must prepare another eulogy.

LW. Our dear friend. We shall miss thee greatly, and honor thy sacrifice. You were a brave man, and a wonderful friend. Sadly, we shall never hear thy great voice again. Tis a sad day for us all.
We miss thee LW. We miss thee already. BUT WE WILL NOT LET YOUR SACRIFICE BE IN VAIN!! We shall beat the black-friday Emperor Palpatine, and we will save the galaxy!
We will set thine graves in the mountains, where you can see all, as you once did.
Farewell, LW. Paint those happy little Lego bricks in the heavens, my friend. Paint with gladness for all time.
1 year ago
@Gman2, that was beautiful but you just made this so much worse
1 year ago
Gracious, you actually killed off a character?!
Those tags are great.
dramatic chapter!
also, you said you're going to north carolilna. you aren't by any chance going to Lutheridge, are you?
1 year ago

Why does something tell me I'm gonna get impaled by you in this story?
1 year ago
@Chuck O_O... well...

The worse has yet to come...

@DragonRider_06 ... well, thank you

Thank you man,

@DragonAgain Yes... we have a lot that have grown in our garden recently... some of them have gotten so full of water however (from extensive rain) that they burst!

@Guitarman2 Really? I didn't consider this a pie... oh well
. Yes, you can't... it's against the laws of science. Oh, and nice whatever you call those goodbye funeral things...

@Snappy You know what they say... you next
... jk... I've not really thought out your death yet... hmm... I must think... anyways, thank you

@Out Thanks so much!

@Justy No, I don't think so ... anyways ... thank you!

@ChuckAgain Yes you will.
1 year ago
Oh! And just because I didn't think it was very clear... that bad guy isn't actually Darth Sidious... he only appeared to be him for a moment O_O
1 year ago

Im ToO YoUng TO DIe!11!1
1 year ago
Whatever, Super excited for the next chapter!
1 year ago



i’lLL eAT ALL YoUR GOLDfISh!!!1!
jumping on beds is fine, as long as you don't hop on pop. pop's taken enough hops as it is, he might need to go to the infirmary if the hops keep going.
*two weeks later, at the cemetery*
Pop was a good man, with a belly made for hopping on. but one day, the hops were too much for him, and the hopper's feet went right through his stomach. he died instantly... the next day.
gravestone description: ya should have stopped hoppin, he was hopin' for the hoppin' to be stoppin'.
1 year ago
LW's death is actually really important for the story, IMO. It shows how much this evil dude needs to be stopped, and also how quickly, and, sadly, easy it is to end someone's life. It does give the characters someone to avenge, though.

(P.S. I love the jumping on beds tags.
Oh, that explains why G-man's never on on Fridays)
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