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Chapter 16
Published 8 months ago
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Ok, yeah, you probably guessed it... my models are being reduced. The truth is I'm very busy, and tried, right now... and really need to get some of these things knocked out as quick as possible. I might do a few more detailed sets for the story, but only if it is a REALLY important scene. Anyways, here is the chapter

I burst inside the party shop, and was met by two MDD raiders. Recklessly swinging in their direction, I struck the air in a clumsy manner. They both laughed in a silent but readable action, and then slowly made their way towards me. I looked to the right, and then to the left. Suddenly and idea struck me. I steadied myself, and then struck the nearest shelf with all my might, sending party supplies in every direction. Both raiders stopped and covered their faces as the shower of confetti, paper plates, party hats, and what not filled the air for a few split seconds. I used those chaotic seconds to finished them off, and then once more raced forward.

“Greenflame!” I heard a young voice yell from somewhere.

“Where,” I stopped and suddenly burst out laughing. From behind a pile of stacked napkins, party banners, and other colorful objects a young knight peered out at me with excitement. “Sir Nate!” I said while pulling some of the cheap supplies out to get a better view, I looked in with sudden relief. Both Kellie and Nate were there, I had found two of them.

“Greenflame,” Kellie said in wonder.

“I need to get y’all out of here, and quickly.”


“Because,” I turned to see a raider quietly lurk past an isle. “Because those dudes are out to kidnap you, stay here.”

I got up, and then felt guilty leaving my siblings again, especially without any sort of protection. Suddenly an idea hit me, and somehow, I still can’t explain how I did it, I added the katana in my hand to my inventory. Then I, with a similar action, retrieved another one, thought this one was colored bright green.

“Now we’re talking!” I exclaimed to myself before handing Kellie the red sword and darting off towards the prescribed threat. Tiptoeing around a shelve, I approached the enemy from behind. Suddenly he turned in such an unpredictable manner that I lost my balanced, batted the air, and fell backwards. He gazed at me for a moment, and then stepped forward. I didn’t have time to act, however my brother did. I saw him leap from behind, wielding his rubber sword in quick and unsteady motions. He began to strike the raider as if he were some unsquashable fly, giving me enough time to leap upwards and, to my embarrassment, fall flat on my face. Wonk! I heard a sharp splitting sound, and then felt a lifeless body fall upon my own.

“Ugh!” I growled while rolling the raider over and onto the floor. Looking up I met the eyes of Kellie and Nate, unsure whether to be angry or relived.

“You gave me the sword,” Kellie said with a shrug.

“It was meant for defense,” I said in an almost humorous state of relief.

“And thats what I used it for, we were defending you.”

I rolled my eyes, and then looked in the direction of the nearest exit.

“Guys I need to get you out of here, it’s not safe,” I said while turning towards the nearest door. I grabbed a few promising pieces, added them to my inventory, and constructed a door.

“Wait here,” I said while stepping into my new creation. To my delight, I was met with the sickening sight of doors and white walls, I had done it, whether it was something to actually be proud of or not. Stepping back through, I made a dramatic gesture for them to enter.

“Where does that go?” Kellie asked in a friendly tone that was marked with the slightest bit of defiance.

“It will take you guys to a safe place.”

“So you’re not coming?”

“No, I need to help the gang.”

“What gang, and why can’t we help.”

“My friends, the’re out there fighting and probably could use my help. You can’t fight because, obviously, I don’t want you killed or captured.”

“So now you’re some big hero who thinks he can walk into a fight and not get killed,” Kellies tone was obviously sarcastic, but she did make a point. I never really had any experience fighting, at least until today. She was right, but I still felt called to go.

“Kellie please, just listen this once.” I gestured with my hands for them to enter, my eyes pleading for their cooperation. Kellie must have seen something genuine in my expression, because without any complaint she shrugged and lead Nate inside. Once they were gone, I disassembled the door with a few quick fist blows, and was once again off. As I ran into the streets my heart leapt with excitement, my friends were making quick work of their enemies, and I felt inclined to help in some form. As I charged head long into the mass of chaos, I wielded my katana wildly. In my heart I felt heroic, though, compared to the other more experienced hero’s on the field, I looked much more like a monkey who had found a sword.

“Take that you stuffed pack of peanuts!” I cried as a MDD solider fell under my not so impressive power. They were a weak, eh, group of figures, and were easily slain. Perhaps this was the price at producing them in masses. Easily slain, but none the less dangerous.

“Greenflame!” I turned to see MrBrick running towards me, a large smile peering out from the edges of his mask. “Greenflame I didn’t know you were here,” he stoped to slay an approaching opponent with a few quick slashes.

“Yeah, It’s been horribly great,” I said with a smirk.

MrBrick smiled, “You sound just like you do in the comment section.” He stoped, and we both looked around. Before us stood many slain warriors, and the rest of our friends seamed to be recovering from the battle without harm. “Yes…” MrBrick whispered as he viewed the scene. Civilians began approaching from they hiding places, looking at us in uncertain wonder.

“Well,” I began to say, but was cut off by an unexpected noise, one which the others, as smart as they were, should have been expecting.

Boom! A large rumbling shook the ground, sending us flying over the pavement and onto our stomachs, sides, and faces. I couldn’t see much as I wen’t spiraling, but I managed to make out what seamed to be a red swirling vortex descending from the sky.

“Muh ha, ha, ha, ha” I heard a rumbling laughter that sounded less cliche than it was written burst through the air with a boiling effect. I rose to my feet, and looked across the street to see what was truly a massive vortex.

“Goodness,” MrBrick declared.

“Its a,” I stopped, unsure what to call it. And then, in a quick and poorly animated way, it disappeared and in its place stood a tall, menacing figure. He had about fifteen MDD guards surrounding him, all seaming to bend to his power. In his hand he held a flaming sword, its fire deep and red.

“Yuck,” I said naturally. “If you’re gonna have a flaming sword make it green.” No one seamed to hear me, and it was no surprise. The figure before us was captivating and threatening. With a terrifying stroke of power he smote the ground, a trail of fire streaking behind in a flashy motion. He billowed another disheartening laugh, which only grew louder at the sight of our dismay. Before us, every last villain whom we had slain began to arise, retrieve their weapons, and glaring at us triumphantly. They were possessed by vengeance. Things had just began to feel right again, all my fears were flying much quicker than I had expected, but now with each ripple of laughter they all began to soar back, each accompanied by a new one.

Suddenly, his laughter was cut short by, more laughter. I looked around as a true and joyful laugh could be heard in the air. Then I spotted him. Standing on top a high roof was a knight, adorned in silver and gold armor.

“Behold!” He cried, raising his sword into the air, “the powers of darkness shall never compare with the joy of truth. Onward my fellow hero’s, your mission has just begun!” And with this, he leapt down from his perch and made straight for the leader, who had begun to utter curses and scream violent commands at his men.

We all seamed to stare in an inexpressible stage for a brief moment, soaking in the events like stunned sponges, but as the battle began to rage once more, we each resumed our stance and fought like whirlwinds. I knocked down a nearby footmen on my left, and turned to strike another who had been approaching from behind. Perhaps they were weaker when resurrected, or perhaps we were more prepared, whatever the reason, they seamed to fall before us like dominos.

“Onward my fellow fighters!” I heard the newcomer call out along with other chivalrous comments which drove his opponent up a wall. It literally must have driven him up a wall, or I guess one could say, because in moments they were fighting each other on the rooftops.

“Greenflame!” I turned to see who had called my name, and met the confident gaze of Lego Lover. “Greenflame our work here is over, and the cops are arriving.”

“Right, but won’t they just help us?”

“They won’t know the difference between us and the MDD. It’s best that we get out of here now.”

As if in response to his words I began to hear the approaching whine of sirens, and I knew he was right.
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8 months ago
Wow great job again Greenflame!
Y'know, this might be intentional, but the mysterious knight reminds me of the Florid Sword from North! Or be Eaten.
8 months ago
@Justy, I know, I started the story with a similar sig-fig, and decided to continue with it until the end

@D_R Thanks, and that was sorta intentional. I didn't wan't to copy, yet I was kinda inspired.
The Florid Sword was definitely running through my mind when I wrote or thought about this character.
8 months ago
@Gorilla Thanks ><_>< ok... that didn't turn out how I wanted it to
7 months ago
@NiceElabor Yes, thanks you for the nice comment. And yes, there is a Knight... I mean... why not?
7 months ago
Great chapter GF24! Keep up the good work!
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