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Lego Ideas hoverbike contest entry
Published 9 months ago
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This is a moc inspired by franekkimono's awesome Hoverbike HVB 1.0 build. This is an entry for a Lego Ideas contest.
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9 months ago
Nice! I love that figure, he looks awesome! Cool bike too, you stole my color scheme!
8 months ago
Cool! I like the color scheme and the design!
8 months ago
Nice bike franekkimono, but I dont think he copied you, the bikes look totally different. The only thing that looks the same are a couple of parts on the front. BricksandPieces has been doing lettering like that for a couple months now... also he did admit to using your bike as inspiration.
8 months ago
@ franekkimono
I did not copy you at all. I used the idea and created something out of my own mind. I didn't copy any part of the build, and as Awesomebrix78 already said, I have been building some of these things for awhile now. And I also mentioned YOUR build. That should be totally enough to tell you that I never copied you. Thanks!

Thanks for backing me up!
8 months ago
I was thinking about the whole thing, not only bike.
Maybe my words were too harsh, I didn't want to start argument or anything,
I just wanted to point out that you could change a little bit more, as long as you are making this an Lego Ideas entry. Think about it next time.

Anyway, that's just bricks.
Good luck with the entry.
8 months ago
Thanks man! It's already on Lego Ideas if you want to check out the final renders and build here.
8 months ago
WAIT A MINUTE! Did you report it? Because I don't see it anywhere! Just asking though.
8 months ago
Okay. I don't know who did it, but I was just making sure that I didn't just make an enemy!
8 months ago
Check your email it will tell you why they took it down.
8 months ago
No realy, man. It's not such a big deal for me. I'm not that type of person
8 months ago
They haven't told me that in the past, so it doesn't really matter this time. I am reposting it.
8 months ago
It didn't get approved. Here's what they said,
Unfortunately, we’ve had to return your entry to you for further revisions in order to comply with the Contest Rules. We could not approve your entry for the following reason:

Please note all submissions must be made by the person uploading it. As we have found that the submitted work (model/images/text/video) does not belong to you, we are not able to approve it.

Continuing to enter submissions created by someone else may result in your account being suspended or removed, which is something we would prefer not to have to do.
8 months ago
.....Do ideas know that NANSBRICK is bricksandpieces.
8 months ago
I put my Mecabricks account linked to my NANSBRICK on Lego Ideas. I'll just change it then.
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