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Riders of Promise Chapter 5: Lord Arawn
Published 2 months ago
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Riders of Promise

Chapter 5: Lord Arawn

Niger's eyes snapped awake. Forten was there, his hand resting lightly on Niger's shoulder.
"What is it?"
"Sir they're coming."
"Who?" Niger sat up and buckled on his sword and quiver.
"The Shadows sir. They're about a league away, but drawing closer. I sent Armica to saddle the horses." Fort looked troubled.
"What aren't you telling me Fort?"
"Sir, this band is led by Arawn."
"What?!?!?" Niger sprang out of the tent. "Strike camp quickly Fort, we have to move before he finds us." He halted, blinking his eyes against the bright morning sun.
"Sir what are we going to do with the girl?"
Niger paused, "What do you mean? She'll slow us down. I can't afford to let Arawn catch up to us."
"Sir -!"
"Enough Fort! We rescued her, she has a horse and she can go wherever she wishes. Our job is done." Niger's voice was sharp and commanding.
"Sir just let her ride with until we get to a town. There's no telling what Arawn and the Shadows with do if they catch her. We can't leave her here!"
Niger continued his hurried walk towards the horses. "Fine. But hurry and let's get moving!"
Armica greeted him as he approached the horses. She had already saddled the three and they were standing ready beside a large tree. Caran nicked as he saw his master. Niger swung into the saddle.
"Mount up Armica, you ride with us, for now."
"Thank you Niger, Fort told me about Arawn, I don't want to run into him." For once her face was serious.
"You may still if we do not hurry." Fort came racing across the earth carrying several bundles which he promptly tied on his steed's back. Armica and Fort mounted and they set off through the dense wood.
Niger was worried, they had lingered far too long at the camp, Arawn and his Shadows could be upon them at any moment. The pounding of horses hooves was echoed behind them, Niger kept glancing backwards and saw flashes of armor between the trees.
"They're upon us!" He cried to his friends. "Fly!"
Caran, sensing what his master was about to do, dropped slightly behind and tried to smooth his pace and much as possible.
Niger lifted himself out of the saddle and turned to face the pursuers. Balancing himself on one knee, he grabbed his bow and nocked an arrow. Drawing, aiming through the dense trees was difficult, but Niger managed to get several shots off, striking the pursuers and sending them to the forest floor.
But they were coming closer, the war cries of the soldiers of Arawn ringing high into the air.
Niger heard a crash in front of him. He turned in horror. Fort was down, his stallion a whinnying, writhing mass on the ground. Niger pulled Caran up and dismounted before the beast had even time to stop. Armica had dismounted as well. He called to her now.
"Help him up! I'll hold them off!" He sent his hissing messengers of death towards the approaching men, felling them even as they came on. But they would not be stopped.

Armica struggled with Fort. He was unconscious, trapped under his steed. She pushed the terrified animal who clumsily clambered to his feet. She watched Niger valiantly trying to hold off the Shadows and their evil commander. Fort had to wake up. They needed him.

Despite Niger's best efforts, they kept coming. They were surrounding them now, cutting off every escape route. His arrows were spent. He drew his sword and charged at the Shadows, cutting them down. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Armica lifting Fort's bow from the ground and shooting the Shadows, keeping them at bay. Suddenly, a massive black horse reared over him, he leaped out of the way and the rider laughed. It was Arawn. Terrifying in his jet black armor riddled with spikes and carved over with strange runes. He dismounted and drew his massive broad-sword.
"So, Niger, this is where you've been hiding yourself."
Niger's only answer was a swift cut towards his breastplate. Arawn blocked easily and countered with a slice. More Shadows came, swinging their swords attacking Niger. He retreated, slowly but steadily.
"Armica! Fort! Mount up we must retreat!!!" Caran raced forward and knocked the attacking Shadows and Arawn back. Niger swung into the saddle. He saw Armica mount and though he saw Fort.
"Fly! Fly!" Caran ran, ran faster then he'd ever run before. Armica's steed galloped beside him. They kept running. The sounds of pursuit grew faint behind. When they could no longer hear the Shadows, Niger slowed and stopped. Caran stood panting, head hanging low. It was then that Niger noticed. Horror gripped his heart.
"Oh no." Fort was nowhere to be seen.

End of Chapter 5

Well I hope you guys like this chapter! Sorry it took so long, the thing is, sets take so long to build, that's the only part about making stories here that I don't like. Sets. So if chapters take a while it's because of the set. Oh one more thing, because it was causing confusion, I changed Niger's horse's name from Fortis to Caran. Anyway, see you next time!

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2 months ago
Wow! Really well written!
2 months ago
Wow....... This is really well done! Keep it up!
2 months ago
Wow! Nice! Also I like Fortis's name change
2 months ago
Awesome! Getting a little bit of a LotR vibe here.
2 months ago
Yeah I've just been reading LOTR so it might be influencing my writing.
2 months ago
Wo- *reads everybody else’s comments* Aw man, i’ll have to think up something else.... XD
2 months ago
Woah! This is some beautiful writing!!
Awesome work!
2 months ago
"messengers of death"! ok, that's just awesome
2 months ago
Poor Fort... he's a goner...
Great chapter, sorry for the late response... had some computer trouble.
2 months ago
@KnightofElabor, Thanks!

@Greenflame24, well hopefully not . . . but you'll find out next time!
2 months ago
btw... I noticed how you made Armica's hair multicolored... isn't that such a great feature!?!? I've fiddled around with it, and have been able to come up with some very satisfying looking "cheat" prints.
2 months ago
"Fly you fools!" xD

This chapter was absolutely phenomenal! It help me in suspense right to the very end

Amazing job!!
2 months ago
As Operator noted, the LotR vibe was coming in strong
2 months ago
lol I was getting more of a Robin Hood vibe, not an lotr one. (nothing except for lotr, the Silmarillion, the hobbit, the histories of middle earth, bilbo's song, and unfinished tales gives me an lotr vibe.
2 months ago
And I'm getting a 1975 Toyota Camry vibe!!!
1 month ago
@Greenflame24 I was actually getting more a Ford Mustang fibe when they were riding around on horses...
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