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Sam Raimi's Spider-Man: New Gobiln
Published 2 years ago
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In the Spider-Man films Harry Osborn was good friends with Peter Parker during high school and started a love interest with Mary Jane. After believing his father's death was caused by Spider-Man, Harry Osborn spent two years trying to find him. Harry took over Oscorp and supported Doctor Octavious's fusion experiments. After Ock's transformation, Harry made a deal with Doc Ock to bring Spider-Man to him alive, where he unmasked him and discovered his true identity, Peter Parker. After finding his father's secret lair within his mansion, Harry became the New Goblin and hunted after Peter. He became good in the third movie and went to save Peter and Mary Jane from Venom and Sandman. He ended up being killed by Venom

More Info Here: https://brickipedia.fandom.com/wiki/Harry_Osborn
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1 year ago
Dangit you beat me to it! This is definitely the cooler looking green goblin.
8 months ago
How can I edit minifigures?
8 months ago
hey man can I use the head and torso for my render? I'll give you credits on my instagram post
7 months ago
Hello, I have a question, can I use your render, and I'll give you credits, just send me your instagram, facebook, etc...
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