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Published 3 months ago
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Not exactly a "clone", but its the best I could come up with.
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3 months ago
But not 'Cloney enough'
3 months ago
You are welcome! By the way, do you play Minecraft on the PC?
3 months ago
Cause you said "add me" and I am playing tonight, so I didn't know if you wanted to join (I lost ALL my max diamond armor and tools - that was heartbreaking - and so I am trying to get it back, plus I will go back into the end and the nether.
3 months ago
Ah dang. Well, if you ever want to play on PC then I'll be ready.
Do you have a PC you can use?
3 months ago
I do not. I have heard of it, but never played it. What is it?
3 months ago
in my opinion, roblox is the result of combining minecraft, lego, first person games, and mmo all in one. it is very fun! look it up!
3 months ago
@1ObsidianFury except that the majority of the community is either a little kid or is straight up retarded, so much so that it so stupidly funny XD (prime example, why r/gocommitdie exists)
3 months ago
so you are calling me retarded?! I PLAY ROBLOX!
3 months ago
I said majority. The minority is youtubers + normal people like you and me.
3 months ago
I used to play it too, especially for Unit 1968 (very underrated game)
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