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Redemption: The Collective Stories (Part Four)
Published 4 months ago
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Robert Cinder made his way across the sand slowly, lifting his tunic to his face as an especially large gust of wind flew by. In the distance he could make out a small hill, a fire lit welcomingly inside a small hut built in the side. Shouldering his pack once more, he headed on towards it.

Half an hour later he found himself standing near the entrance of the hut, standing patiently. Suddenly a young dark haired boy, looking to be fifteen or sixteen emerged from inside, blaster raised. Instinctively Cinder reached for his belt, grabbing one of his lightsabers but refraining from lighting it.
“Wha-what do you want?” He stammered, hand shaking as he kept the blaster aimed at Cinder’s chest. His eyes flickered to the hilt in Cinder’s hand and he paled, eyes widening as he turned his attention back to Cinder.
“You’re one of them.” He said, a strong accent revealing itself in his momentary fear.
“Stay back or I-I’ll shoot.”
Cinder smiled.
“I don’t want any trouble, here, let me remove my weapons.”
Bending down, eyes still fixed on the boy, he placed his two lightsabers in the sand, followed by a small blaster.
“I’m a friend, I’ve come to help you Jephar.”
The boy blanched, hand shaking more now.
“How do you know my name?” He asked in the same thick accent.
“Jephar, I know who you are . . . How you, like me survived. My master gave me a list of those he knew were alive, so many have been slain, not you though.” He straightened slowly, waiting for Jephar’s reaction.
“I-they killed them, all of them, and then they turned to me and, and . . .” Jephar faded off.
“You are a Jedi? What is your name?”
“Cinder, Robert Cinder, my master was Keylo Rhuin. I’ve come to help you, you must listen. Can I come inside?” He asked, gesturing towards the open hut.
Nodding, Jephar turned and entered, closely followed by Cinder who had recovered his weapons and was now returning them to his belt. After the two of them had sat down, Cinder turned to Jephar.
“Listen, a group of people, calling themselves ‘The Inquisitors’ is on their way. They’re mostly made up of Jedi traitors who turned to the dark side rather than be killed during the purge. Their mission is to hunt down and kill any surviving Jedi, you’re their next target. You have to come with me before they arrive, otherwise you will die, no doubt.”
Jephar nodded shakily.
“Why do they hunt us?”
“I don’t know, all I do know is that they’re coming, perhaps even this minute. We must leave now. Gather your things.”
Jephar rushed around, picking up the odd item and placing it in a canvas he held over his shoulder. As he turned to leave, something happened. Cinder and Jephar stopped, turning to each other.
“You feel it too?” Asked the ladder.
Cinder nodded.
“It looks as though The Inquisitors are here.”

I just want to throw a huge thank you out to everyone who’s been pushing me forward through this. Fun fact actually about this. I built it and then my internet crashed and I had to rebuild it from memory. The first was probably better but I suppose it works. Anyways, thank you to FB for Robert Cinder and Flo.Builds.Lego for Jephar Kessel. I know not everyone’s characters have been used so far, thank you for hanging in with me, they will be added soon enough. (Even those who have been waiting for, maybe even more than a year perhaps. XD) anyways, until next time! God Save The Queen. -ML
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4 months ago
Random question. Is it letting you get on to the Weird Club? Because I can’t seem to get on.
4 months ago
really nice
(weird, that's happening to me too)
4 months ago
b&b and LM same here its so weird
4 months ago
HA, get it
cuz its the weird club
*slaps knee so hard that his entire body falls apart*
oops, ummm a little help here ?
4 months ago
steals b&b leg now I have four legs MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !
4 months ago
4 legs . . ? Also, I have a hyppopatomuthses about the Weird Club. I think that 1. We might’ve reached the most a forum can go. 2. (If he is a mod which I think he is) Cakery shut it down because people were being toxic.
4 months ago
very nice! (I didn't see this earlier
4 months ago
XD (I hope you like the way your character is portrayed?)
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