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My MecaBackstory
Published 4 weeks ago
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Hello everybody! You probably know me as Lego Commander Bacara. I've been a long term member of Mecabricks, and I've only come back to this site in mass.
Some of you who really know me well know me as ̷S̷e̷t̷h̷ . And for those who do, congrats to you.
I have a lot of friends on here. Some of which I don't see much anymore. CalcMan is the biggest one. I also Have Obsidion, and... Maybe JustYourAverageBuilder(?) as besties.
I make lost's of custom minifigures. You can see just by looking back a few pages on my account.
I've been luck enough to remember this sight, and now, for a...


Ask me and I will awnser.
Have a good day!
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4 weeks ago
You were gone for ages! Awesome to see you return!
4 weeks ago
I didnt know you before you left but welcome back, thanks for your comment
4 weeks ago
What's your favorite Custom Clone you've built in the past?
4 weeks ago
My favorite clone... That's a bit of a hard one. My Bacara prob. It not only is me, but look pretty cool.
3 weeks ago
Would you break the rules and make a custom Jedi clone
3 weeks ago
@JustYouraveragebuilder Well, when I first joined, I was learning about the 21nd Battalion. And, the fact that it was an elite group of clones, as well as a pretty cool looking bunch as well, I learned that there were custom mini figures for him. My old PfP was the custom molded Bacara head. If you want more of a normal answer, just ask.

@Scorge Well. I think that would be an interesting Idea. Sounds fun actually. But I do have a thing against a true clone using a sword. But, my latest drawings of Mecabricks users says otherwise.
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