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Lieutenant Juan Ramirez Davis
Published 3 months ago
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Juan comes from a long line of Mexican Immigrants. In 1913, his parents had snuck across the border into Texas, and wandered her way all the way to Louisiana, where they started life anew he was just 3 months old then. They started their new life in New Orleans, the African-American residents of which were more than welcoming. When the Great War started in 1916, he was just three when he saw his father try to volunteer, however he was turned down because of his ethnicity, yet a year later, in 1917, the Selective Service Act was passed, and not long after, Juan's father was drafted into the US Army.
He would never see his father again.
Just a year after the great war ended, Juan's mother was killed in a mugging by two unnamed men.
Juan would never know until he was 20.

After her mother's murder, an African-American family known as the Davis Family, and he would formally adopt their last name.
The Davis's would go on to raise Juan well along with their own two daughters, raising him as if he were always one of them.

In 1929, when the Great Depression started, Juan was just 17, yet took it upon himself to take whatever odd jobs he could to support the Davis's, who had already done so much for him.
When the Depression finally ended ten years later, Juan had was almost 30, and with a heavy heart finally said goodbye to the Davis's to set out to find his own path.

When WW2 started over in Europe, Juan never payed much attention to it, yet in 1941, when the shocking news of Pearl Harbor spread across the continent, Juan felt the same anger as millions of his fellow Americans had felt, and just three days after the Attack, Juan had signed up with surprisingly little pushback. It was made easy as he knew just about everyone in New Orleans, and he had managed to help out one way or another, so when he stepped up to the recruitment officer, he was welcomed with open arms.

His life in the army however wasn't so easy. He was almost always picked on by his White colleagues due to ethnicity, and his Drill Sargent was especially tough on him, however, he didn't let that deter him. Just a year of grueling training and he was shipped off to North Africa in 1942, where he would quickly distinguish himself in the Battle of El Alamein, in which he singlehandedly captured three German Machine Gun positions, and managed to stave off a small German counterattack using a then brand new MG-42 of which he liberated from one of the German Positions. This action would earn him the rank of Lieutenant, as well as the Spanish nickname "La Segadora" or "The Manmower", from a few of his British Comrades in Arms, one of whom was his soon to be close friend, Peter.

Juan often packs light, only carrying the bare essentials and ammunition in a repurposed Ammo Box, as well as a few other items such as a map and navigational tools in the book bag he had. He carries around an old version of the famous Thompson M1A1 Submachine gun, which had the foregrip barrel and muzzle from the older M1928, yet had the newer right facing open bolt operating system, newer M1A1 rear sights, and a 30 Round .45 Stick Magazine. The gun's wooden furniture has darkened from several years of use.
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