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Troopers: Chapter 2
Published 2 months ago
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*Sorry for using the same model over and over again*.

Zeke had pilot training. He decided to quit to become a medic. So technically he was the most qualified one to fly the gunship out of the doomed frigate. “FLY Zeke! FLY!!!” Lucy and Miller yelled in unison. As they flew out of the docking bay they saw a brown ship that looked very much like the one that took Flame. “Go over there Zeke!” Lacy said. Zeke turned the ship (Not very smoothly) to the big ugly brown ship.

As they flew across space- The frigate blew up behind them… “Let’s hope nobody was on it…” Zeke said sadly from the cockpit. “Yeah…” Miller replied. “We’re docking.” Zeke said nervously. The ship looked abandoned. It was just floating in space. Not even attacking with those giant claws.


Flame groaned: “What happened…”. His left leg hurt badly, He had a headache, and the battle of Zesmo played again and again in his head. He found a stick of some sort and grabbed it. He started to walk whilst holding the stick like a crutch. The oxygen supply was- Good.

As he walked around the ship he eventually got to the cockpit. In the chairs were what looked like clones. “Hello? What’s going on! Where are my friends!”. When he got closer and swiveled around a chair he saw not a clone but deactivated droids. “AH!” he yelled as he backed up. And he tripped on a wire and hit his head… The battle became his dream…
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2 months ago
Thank you *Bows*. Thank you...
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