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80034-1: Nezha's Fire Ring
Published 2 weeks ago
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Children can bring legendary characters to life in an exciting new way with this LEGO® Monkie Kid™ battle toy playset (80034). It features Nezha’s Fire Ring monowheel vehicle with 2 flame-energy spring-loaded shooters, the Evil Macaque’s stud-shooting jet flyer, Monkie Kid’s Golden Staff Flyer and the White Bone Demon’s throne with a hanging bone cage and prison cell. There are 6 LEGO minifigures in the set, including Monkie Kid with new-for-January-2022 battle armor decoration, plus toy weapons and accessory elements such as Nezha’s iconic spear and attachable Fire Rings. Fun to build
This unique buildable toy is a great gift for trendsetting kids aged 8 and up. It comes with printed building instructions and the free LEGO Building Instructions app also has viewing tools to make building the models extra fun. Inspiring kids’ creativity
LEGO Monkie Kid sets help children learn classic tales from the Journey to the West novel in a fun and creative way.

• Legends reimagined – Let youngsters role-play as legendary characters with this LEGO® Monkie Kid™ battle toy playset (80034), featuring Nezha’s Fire Ring vehicle and much more
• 6 LEGO® minifigures – Nezha, Monkie Kid, Monkey King, Evil Macaque, White Bone Demon and Savage with weapons and accessory elements, including Nezha’s spear and 2 attachable Fire Rings
• Toy vehicle and flyer – Nezha’s vehicle features a big monowheel and 2 flame-energy spring-loaded shooters, and the Evil Macaque’sjet flyer has 2 stud shooters and storage for his staff
• Monkie Kid’s Golden Staff Flyer and White Bone Demon’s throne – The flyer has 2 stud shooters, and the throne has a hanging bone cage to trap Monkey King, plus a cell with a skeleton figure inside
• Gift idea for ages 8 and up – Give this 929-piece LEGO® playset as a birthday, holiday or surprise gift for trendsetting kids who enjoy action-adventures full of mythical characters
• Unique vehicle toy – Nezha’s Fire Ring vehicle measuresover 8.5 in. (21 cm) high, 12.5 in. (32 cm) long and 4.5 in. (12 cm) wide
• Digitally enhanced building – Find printed instructions in the box and digital instructions and virtual viewing tools on the free LEGO® Building Instructions app
• Educational toy – LEGO® Monkie Kid™ sets are designed to help parents and grandparents teach children about the Chinese legend of the Monkey King through fun, creative play
• Quality guaranteed – LEGO® bricks and pieces meet rigorous quality standards, ensuring that they connect simply and securely
• Safety first – LEGO® components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and carefully analyzed to make sure that they comply with stringent global safety standards


Missing parts:
• 35635 - Minifigure Armor with 2 Flaps over Shoulders
• [80519] - Wave / Flame with Clip
• 69767 - Minifigure, Weapon Bazooka, Mini Blaster / Shooter
• 69755 - Projectile Launcher Part, Trigger for Bazooka, Mini Blaster / Shooter
• 75513 - Minifigure Costume Tail Monkey
• 60463 - Minifigure Cape Cloth, 2 Long Tails - Spongy Stretchable Fabric
• [6366665] - Minifig Hair and Sideburns, Messy
• 44740 - Minifigure, Plume Ribbon / Tassel / Streamer
• 73230 - Technic, Brick 1 x 1 with Axle Hole
• [80796] - Brick Special 1 x 2 x 1 2/3 with Four Studs on 2 Sides
• 65249 - Technic, Axle 2L with Pin without Friction Ridges
• 80324 - Flag 2 x 2 Trapezoid with Flared Edge
• 53094 - Minifigure, Hair and Sideburns, Swept Back
• 69754 - Projectile Launcher, 1 x 2 Mini Blaster / Tile Shooter
• 69755 - Projectile Launcher Part, Trigger for Bazooka, Mini Blaster / Shooter
• 50340 - Hinge Plate 1 x 2 Locking with 2 Fingers on Side and 7 Teeth
• 73111 - Brick, Round 3 x 3 x 2 with Recessed Center and Axle Hole
• 68547 - Wave Rounded Swirls with Bar (Cloud / Wind Gusts)
• 68888 - Technic, Axle Connector Hub with 4 Bars
• 84433 - Neckwear Cape, Two Long Tails, Pointed
• 80792 - Minifig Hair, Two Top Buns
• 42924 - Technic Pin Long with Friction Ridges Lengthwise, 1 Center Slot
• 65304 - Technic Pin Long with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and Stop Bush [No Ridge Near Rim]
• [77374] - Minifig Hair, 6 Spikes, High Bun, Long Sides

Missing prints:
• [6366646] - Red Legs and Hips with Dark Red, Gold, and Dark Turquoise Armor, Gold Toes Print
• [6375861] - Red Torso Armor, Gold and Dark Red Plating, Circle with Chinese Character Print, Bright Light Orange Arms with Gold, Dark Red, and Dark Turquoise Armor Print, Yellow Hands
• [6366649] - Yellow Minifig Head Monkie Kid, Red Visor with Gold Frame / Angry Open Mouth Print
• [6366638] - Black Legs and Hips with Dark Red and Gold Armor, Bright Light Orange Sash, Ornate Belt Print
• [6375837] - Black Torso Armor, Ornate with Silver, Gold, and Dark Red Panels Print, Black Arms, Flesh Hands
• [6366636] - Nougat Minifig Head Evil Macaque, Dark Red Around Gold Eyes, Smirk Showing 1 Fang / Angry Showing Teeth Print
• [6366665] - Black Minifig Hair and Sideburns, Messy with Flesh Ears Print
• [6375834] - Black Torso Armor, Silver Collar and Shoulder Strap with Evil Monkey Head, and Red Swirling Clouds Print, Red Arms and Hands
• [6366624] - Black Minifig Head Savage, Gold Eyes, Red Face Markings Print
• [6375748] - Black Minifig Hair and Sideburns, with Red Ears Print
• [6366648] - Dark Turquoise Legs and Hips with Gold and Lavender Armor Print
• [6376476] - Red Torso Armor, Gold, Lavender, and Dark Turquoise Panels Print, Yellow Arms and Hands
• [6366645] - Yellow Minifig Head Nezha, Big Eyebrows, Red Forehead Markings, Stern / Smirk with Raise Left Eyebrow Print
• 36036pb28 - Black Lower Body, Skirt with Silver Belt and Dark Purple, Medium Lavender and White Pattern [6349738]
• 973pb4360c01 - Black Torso Monkie Kid Skeleton Female, Ribs over Dark Purple and Medium Lavender Swirls Pattern / White Arms / White Hands [6356549]
• 3626cpb2834 - White Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Female, Black Eyebrows and Cheek Lines, Magenta Lips, Medium Blue Eyeshadow / Evil Open Mouth Grin and Red Eyes Pattern - Hollow Stud [6349736]
• [6381706] - Trans-Purple Lower Body, Ghost Marbled Black
• 75513pb01 - Dark Orange Minifigure Costume Tail Monkey with Bright Light Orange Belt Front Pattern [6342494]

Other errors:
• Missing stickers:
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999 pieces
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2 weeks ago
Didn’t know lego could do a cool not ninjago not licensed content set
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