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02.0 - Digital_Guy_4
Published 4 weeks ago
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02.0 - Digital_Guy_4

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here:https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

->> The model/text may be disturbing for some <<-

SuperPup1 was the first to recognize the figure. It took a few more minutes before they were within hearing distance.
“Digital_Guy_4?” SuperPup1 asked. Digital_Guy_4 didn’t react but just kept running.
“Hey!” SuperPup1 shouted. Digital_Guy_4 looked at him, lost his balance, and fell in surprise.
“How…? When…?” Digital_Guy_4 stuttered as he wrapped himself up.
“Come,” XillComics urged. They started running again.
“Don’t you dare scare me like that, ever again,” Digital_Guy_4 threatened.
“Can’t promise that,” SuperPup1 replied with a smile.
“Where is the bunker?” XillComics asked.
“Just a few more minutes. Do you think you can keep up this pace for so long?” SuperPup1 asked.
“Probably,” XillComics said.
“Sure,” Digital_Guy_4 said.
“Digital, do you know what that thing is?” SuperPup1 asked.
“No idea, but it destroys everything in its path,” Digital_Guy_4 replied.
“Oh good! Now we are even more motivated to run,” XillComics commented. The wall was gaining on them. It seemed almost endless.
“Almost there,” SuperPup1 said. That was when he spotted the white figure.
“What the flip is that?” he asked. The figure looked in their direction and started walking towards them.
“Is that a user?” XillComics asked.
“No… I don’t know of any users who have such a sig-fig,” SuperPup1 replied. The white figure started running.
“How much further?” Digital_Guy_4 asked.
“Only seconds. But how many, I have no idea,” SuperPup1 replied. The figure had soon closed the distance and activated its sword.
“Okay. Now we also have to run from that thing,” XillComics commented. A trap door opened and The_An0nym came out with a rocket launcher. Before they had any idea of what was happening there was a loud explosion. XillComics lost his balance and fell. Digital_Guy_4 helped him up and they continued running. The_An0nym crept out of the trap door and was now running towards the figure who was still hidden in the smoke of the explosion.
“What is he doing here?” SuperPup1 asked.
“No idea,” XillComics replied.
“Who?” Digital_Guy_4 asked, but no one answered his question. The_An0nym didn’t come back.
“No way that thing survived,” SuperPup1 said. The smoke slowly cleared and two figures were seen. The open trap door was only seconds away. SuperPup1 got a weird feeling. The white figure was holding The_An0nym by his neck. He was still struggling to live and the missing arm was found on the floor. The figure stabbed him. Mixed feelings overcame SuperPup1 to see someone he knew die.
“Run you knucklehead! Run!” The_An0nym shouted, and then his body went limp. SuperPup1 screamed and wanted to run towards him. XillComics held him back.
“Don’t! He is evil, remember?” he tried to convince SuperPup1. Digital_Guy_4 ran towards the open trap door. A sign appeared where The_An0nym had died. SuperPup1 couldn’t take his eyes off the body. XillComics pulled him back and into the bunker. The white bot was approaching them and XillComics didn’t want to be the next victim. They practically jumped into the bunker and closed the trap door as fast as possible. Darkness filled the small room.

Light appeared and they saw the outside. Two data guards grabbed them and led them into a giant building.
“Where are we?” LEGOminis asked.
“No idea,” General_Veers replied. The guards led them through a few hallways and finally arrived in a giant room. The room was cylindrical and the ceiling was high up. Row after row of figures filled the room, all located in capsule-like housing.
“Wait here until we relocate you,” the guards said. It was hard to say if both had spoken or just one of them, since their voices sounded exactly the same. They led them into the middle of the room, where a capsule was waiting for them.
“One capsule for the two of us? Don’t you think that’s a bit crowded?” LEGOminis asked. The guard pushed General_Veers into the capsule. A mechanical arm came down from the ceiling and picked it up. While General_Veers was being placed somewhere in the room a new capsule came rising out of the floor.
“Oh… That works too,” LEGOminis said. He stepped into the capsule. The experience was pretty amazing while being taken to his spot with the mechanical arm. It placed him next to General_Veers.
“That was fun!” LEGOminis exclaimed.
“Yeah. Who do you think the other figures are?” General_Veers asked.
“No idea,” LEGOminis replied.

[End of 02.0]
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4 weeks ago
What Happened to my face? Also cool chapter!
4 weeks ago
D1g1t41_g11tch_4 - I tried merging it with another (screaming) one & Thanks!!
4 weeks ago
Aw, man the model spoiled the chapter for me!
Also, nice chapter! But sad, because some people die.
yes! stabby stab! staaaaaaaab! best chapter yet!
oh, and uh... sorry you got stabbed.
4 weeks ago
ju5tyour4verage9litch - ... Should I make you the Evil overlord that WizardBuilds1 was waiting for? (JK) & Thanks!!
4 weeks ago
No... NO!
Anything but The Master of the Stabby!
4 weeks ago
Nice chapter, it's getting darker and darker!! (I like that)
3 weeks ago
General Veers:
By day, efficient General for the Empire.
By night, Gotham City vigilante who’s obsessed with bats.
3 weeks ago
SlimBrick1 & Spac3bu1lder1ol - Thanks!!
3 weeks ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thank you!!
3 weeks ago
*Gasp* No!
Sad (but great) chapter.
3 weeks ago
Is anybody gonna comment on how fantastic my buns look
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