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Earth-Prime: Chapter 5
Published 9 months ago
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They all reached the Argus base which has been made in 2045. Roy chooses to wait outside to make sure none of them come to this place in the timeline.
The other six entered inside, looking around the empty hall.

Harper: Why is this place empty?
Jason: I don't know, my dad- he told me that was the main base...
Ezra: well, it's clearly empty.
Harper: We can see that.
Ezra: That's why I said clearly!
Tom: Anyway, there is no one here, but look at this place.
Jacob: Awesome! I need to check everything out!

Tom and Jacob ran fastly for a few seconds all around.

Harper: Should we tell them to stop?
Jason: I don't know...

Tom and Jacob came back.

Jacob: This place is awesome!
Tom: But, it is all empty...
Jason: That's bad, but what can we do?
Harper: Star labs?
Tom: I was there this week...
Harper: The arrow cave?
Jason: No, I was there with Roy.
Harper: Hall of justice?
Ezra: Hmmm...
Harper: Don't tell me you have been there!
Ezra: No, I wasn't we can go there.
Harper: Ok.
Jacob: Before we leave I need to show you the most amazing room in this building!

They all went to see the room. it was a big hall with various objects which belonged to different heroes.

Ezra: Kinda nice.
Jason: the Green lantern!... Lantern.
Harper: This place is ok...
Mira: yes it is nice

They all heard a voice
:Dare you to come to my place? I will crush you all!
Jacob: Is that a ghost?
:Do not mistake me for a ghost I am one of the strongest beings in the universe!

Mira and Harper merged together.

Jason: So... Who are you?
:I am superior!
Jason: Ezra! Run see where he is.

Ezra started running as he fell down.

Ezra: Ouch!
Harper: What happened?
Ezra: I can't walk, I can't run.
Jason: Did you do it? Show yourself!

In front of them came a creature in a robotic suit.

Harper: Is it the atom suit?
Tom: And is that Beebo?
:Yes I am! Who wants a cuddle?
Harper: Childhood. Destroyed.
Jason: agreed.
Ezra: Still can't walk!
Jason: We can't do anything, if we get you to the hospital, the Time Bureau will know.
Jacob: We can leave him here!
Jason: What about medical treatment?
Tom: There is a medical office there, with Gideon. He will be alright. I think.
Ezra: Ok.

They all started leaving as Beebo sneaked into the back of Harper and left Ezra in the medic.
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