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Vashta Nerada
Published 2 months ago
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Vashta Nerada, literally, "the shadows that melt the flesh", were swarming, carnivorous beings which were found on most planets.

The Doctor described them as the piranhas of the air.

The Vashta Nerada were microscopic beings that lived in swarms, thousands strong. Individually, Vashta Nerada were not a threat. They were very small; the Tenth Doctor claimed that some of the dust specks visible in bright sunlight were single Vashta Nerada or small swarms, not large enough to be a threat to most life. In large numbers, they could strip a creature to its bare bones in milliseconds. In extreme cases, they could tear apart the stone bodies of silicon-based lifeforms, though it was not necessarily edible to them. Vashta Nerada swarms were sentient and two spacesuit-inhabiting swarms developed the ability to communicate with the Doctor through the spacesuits' neural relays. They also coordinated their efforts and made the spacesuits walk, though with some difficulty; they walked slowly in a "zombie-like" fashion.

The Vashta Nerada lived in the darkness. They cast shadows when they entered the light — even stopping the reach of light from fission lamps. On their own, outside of the darkness, a Vashta Nerada swarm looked like a shadow cast by nothing. They mimicked the shadows of their prey to get close, which meant staying in the light was the only way to escape. Light also slowed them down somewhat, but if the swarms were great enough, the effects of light would be minimised and overcome quickly. If someone had an extra shadow, it was already too late. The Doctor could detect the difference between a Vashta Nerada swarm and an ordinary shadow by using his sonic screwdriver. The Doctor believed they had no weaknesses, and the only thing to do was to run.

Besides the swarm in the Library, the Doctor indicated that the Vashta Nerada were generally harmless. Existing on over a billion planets including Earth, the Vashta Nerada inspired a fear of the darkness but were nowhere near as aggressive as they were in the Library. The Doctor stated that he'd never seen a swarm as large or as aggressive as the Library swarm. However, this unusual aggressiveness came from the fact that the books were printed with paper from the trees of the Vashta Nerada's forests and thus they saw the Library as their "forest."

Vashta Nerada engineered on Synthesis Station possessed the ability to consume Dalekanium, the Time Lords who supported the project wishing to use them against the Daleks in the Last Great Time War. A negative strain of Vashta Nerada that thrived in the light were also created, named Nerada Vashta.

More Info Here: https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/Vashta_Nerada
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