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Updated Convertible
Published 7 months ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
Here is an updated version of my old convertible. No colliding parts!
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135 pieces
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7 months ago
I just use the mecabricks online rendering program embedded in the workshop. It's pretty easy to use, but if it's too confusing, then I recommend watching some tutorials by rubrickscube on how to use it!
7 months ago
and also i need some ideas to do all i have are minifigs and I don't have any imagination
7 months ago
That happens to me too! Sometimes I'll just sit down to build and my mind goes blank.
I find it helpful to look around for things to build either in movies or real-life.
7 months ago
@Crossway_Studios I like the updates.
Good job on going back and perfecting your work instead of settling for an "ok" job!

@ImNoAnimator I agree with CS. Try re-creating things from your favorite movies, or what you have lying around the house, or from your favorite books. I think you'll find that you have a lot more imagination than you give yourself credit for.
7 months ago
Not good at rendering but here!
7 months ago
may i use you model for me to make a diffrent type of car
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