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InterBrick [Character Profile]
Published 5 months ago
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This is InterBrick's character profile, which may be used for any story requiring personality in the characters. Oh, I'm not the good-looking guy with the luxurious, flowing hair. And no, I'm not the secret agent, either. I'm the nerd falling down the stairs.

Name: Uh... InterBrick.

Age: 16 (years, in case you were wondering).

Traits: Exceptional in the fields of mathematics and physics, although you would never know it to look at him. Constantly subject to incidents of misfortune, likely due to lack of concentration on the world around him. Mediocre at hand-to-hand combat and other physical exploits.

Personality: Nerdy, but with a sarcastic wit hidden beneath a quiet demeanour. Runs from threats, sometimes leaving more capable friends behind in order to grant his own well-being. Heavily relies on others to do the dirty work for him.

I guess that's it.
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5 months ago
I’m guessing you’re actually the secret agent.

Because If you were the secret agent.. ...why would you tell us? After all, you are a secret agent

XD JKJK Awesome work man
5 months ago
This had me in histerics

Absolutely amazing profile, thanks for doing it
5 months ago
Thank you, LW! It wasn’t too hard to do, because it may or may not be an accurate representation of my actual personality...
5 months ago
Nice! If you're not the secret agent, why is he there? I'm suspicious . . .
Also HAMMERBORNE how did you type in italics?
5 months ago
Almost perfect, but you just need to add a slash in the last bracket e.g [/i] not
[i]Ok does this work?
5 months ago
Wow I messed when I was trying to give an example
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