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Me as a Mandalorian!
Published 2 weeks ago
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Hey! LW here!
When MOCmaster made his Mandolorian, I made my INVINCIBLE MANDOLORIAN!! (JK XP)
With twin blaster pistols, a heavy assault rifle, and a sniper rifle - well, you can see I'm ready to defeat about anyone, including you, Jango!
I'm so prepared to join your clan, MM, but I'll be ready to duel you when the time is right. May the best man win! winking face
1/13/2020 Update: New red visor from MOCmaster! Thank you so much!

Backstory: My name is Thran Jal and I was formerly part of the 82th Regiment Mandalorian Chrale Clan. Me and my buds were assigned on a recon mission to the planet Arbos, and it seemed simple: Scout out the local terrain, keep track of the population count, and diagram the species of creatures living there on a small plot of land set aside for tropical game hunting. Ah, the trip there was tight and cramped in a small silver transport ship, but we landed pretty safely and split up into our divided groups.

Well, long story short, I was assigned to maintain and categorize the species on the game hunting plot. Me and Drobosi Vagh, one of the higher ranking commandos in my group, went with me. We soon were flying low over the rocky land when a large and muscular Nexu went leaping over a roughly high rise and into the valley below. Drobosi was skeptical, saying that, "I didn't think the Nexu was on this list. Isn't that one we just saw?" Even though he couldn't see it, I gave him a sly look behind my glowing visor, but he knew me well enough to know what I was thinking. "Oh, no, Thran, I'm not even going down there with one of those on the loose. Don't even think about it. It seems too risky, anyway, and ol' Cap Mrasinos might consider transferring us to another base for not following direct orders."

Well, I went down anyway.

I soon readied my small blaster and checked my long-barreled sniper that hung around my back. I glanced back up at the sky to see if Drobosi was still keeping watch. Good.

A blinding flash.

Sharp knives sinking into my armor.

My blaster flash with a clear blue light and a dark red haze covered my vision.

Another Mando rolled in - after it happened I guessed it was Drobosi, but I heard a sharp cry and a heavy weight dropped over my body. A strong feline smell smothered me, and a huge explosion sounded a few yards away.

This happened a couple years back, and I'm pretty sure the Chrale Clan just packed up and flew off. Figures that Drobosi was right not to go down - the Nexu attacked me over a small rise and Drobosi killed it somehow, but sadly died trying. I collected a few medkits from our packs when I regained consciousness, and wrapped up my injured chest, which had been pretty badly scarred. A few pieces of his armor were still salvageable, and Nexu meat tasted... well... disappointed face

There was a little weapons shop on Arbos that sold implements that were compatible with the weapons I already had, so I decided to upgrade my suit. I was soon contacted by MOCmaster, a rogue Mandalorian, who wanted to make a new clan with a few renegades, so I jumped to the opportunity. I might make a couple friends, but needed to improve my skills.

Some say I rival the techniques used by the Fetts.

Some say I'm just a skilled renegade.

I just hope I live to see the rest of my future.

Hope you like it! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
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2 weeks ago
This is Ridiculously AWESOME!!!!!

Good job!
Don't worry I'll definitely add you!
2 weeks ago
WoW, it must be hard to fly with all that gear! XD

Great work!
2 weeks ago
Thank you so much!

Hey thanks man! I appreciate it! I loved how you did your custom parts, and the awesome guns - I think you'd be a match for anyone!
I can't wait!

Yes, I think sometimes I get a little weighed down... that's why I upgraded the thrust level on my jetpack! XD

2 weeks ago
Did you accidentally comment on the wrong post? No worries, I'm just curious
2 weeks ago
You're welcome!
I think I'll put you in the sparing/training section of the hideout!
2 weeks ago
No, I meant to say that. You said 'May the best man win', and I intend to!

Just a joke.
2 weeks ago
OK ^-^! I understand now!

I suspect there will be many Mandolorian MB user battles... XD! AND I INTEND TO DEFEAT YOU ALL!! (JK
2 weeks ago
Well, you are running the thing, so I'm expecting a little bit of bias.
1 week ago
I think your idea is WAYYY cool!
I can't wait!
What part is the sparing/training section? I don't care where you put me, just curious!

1 week ago
Is this the thing now? Mandalorians?
1 week ago
I uh.. Does this seem a little cluttered?
1 week ago
I love the new visor, it kinda makes it look like you have night vision!
1 week ago
Thanks, MM! I owe it all to you!

Yeah, it is... XD
1 week ago
I just realised I wrote Lego_User instead of LegoWilderness.
1 week ago
That's why I didn't understand it at first
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