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Myself as a Jedi
Published 2 years ago
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This is how I imagined myself as a Jedi. This Jedi is a padawan after the terrible events of Order 66 and the rise of the Empire. Right now she's fighting some stormtroopers who are trying to arrest her.

(btw, one of the troopers has a first order helm on because i didn't find a Empire trooper helm.)
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2 years ago
1. Jedi can’t force choke
2. Scout trooper looks depressed
3. Indiana Tomb Raider Skywalker is on point
4. Overall pretty good
2 years ago
5. All your tags are grouped in one, I don’t think anyone else is going to find this
2 years ago
TheCalcMan, Thanks, for the tag info, I wasn't sure about how to do them. I'll change them. Thanks for telling me!
2 years ago
Dragon_Rider, every time you press enter while typing in the tags, it ends the current tag.
2 years ago
Awesome thanks BrickBot2.0

thanks duh_brick_man
4 months ago
bruh you're a sith you're force choking that trooper.
4 months ago
You need to shut up. You're not in charge of everyone. You're not the lightsaber police.
4 months ago
Mate, this is getting uncommonly annoying. If you don't have something nice to say, or some constructive criticism, just don't say anything.

Also, if you were a young Jedi without a master, being hunted by people who wanted to kill you, I bet you'd try some desperate measures.
4 months ago
He's said things like that to countless people.
4 months ago
Ok, I can't take this anymore. Just stop saying rude comments on or about other peoples' models. I really don't want to report you for this.
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