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Brickbot's Buddies
Published 7 months ago
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I've seen this going around on Mecabricks, so I decided to do one. These are my Lego building buddies.
MOCmaster, Who is very supportive, great at making custom decals with pieces, and is a master at MOCs.
TG_Studios, Who makes so many small but great things, and loves to be part of the community.
Xforce, Who has always said nice things about my stuff and has inspired me with his own.
WyndGekko, who is great with minifigures, and can fly (I think)
NANSBRICK, who I first met at Ideas before creating an account of here, and has always had mice things to say about my builds.
AwesomeBrix, who has been awesome, and makes awesome things, and gives out awesome support.
CommanderBrick, who I mainly know from Ideas, always has cool models, and even though he is new to Mecabricks, that hasn't stopped him from already making awesome minifigures.
ApocalypticBrick, who was one the people who first introduced me to Mecabricks from Ideas, and has a large collection of great minifigs.
JmanBricks, who has always been awesome and nice to everyone.
Lego_Lover, who has inspired a great many with amazing builds and minifigs.
SirNerdz, who is new here but is already making awesome things.
Twiggy, from Ideas who has always been supportive from the start and has nice things to say about my models.
TheCJbricker, who is a great builder and always has cool models and minifigures to see.
And j2fam77, who is exuberant when it comes to making things and is always there to be art of the community.
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7 months ago
Sweet! But you LEFT ME OUT! XDDDD
7 months ago
Awesome! Thank you so much for adding me! I'm glad I've inspired many People on Mecabricks!

And Thank you very much for the kind words about me! I really feel like a Friend now!
7 months ago
Nice! Thanks for including me, I'm gonna make a render of this at some point, and possibly my own model like this.
Also, I got the spot next BrickBot, anyone jealous? XD
7 months ago
Awesome, thank you so much for adding me!
7 months ago
You're all welcome guys, and I'm sorry TG_Studios, I feel so ashamed now. I'll add you.
7 months ago
I’m there, just hiding XD
7 months ago
Thank you so much! It means a lot to me!
7 months ago
Amazing model thank you for the kind words!
7 months ago
WyndGekko I think your behind XForce
7 months ago
Nope, wrong! No one will ever find me! Hehehehe
7 months ago
WyndGekko, I think AwesomeBrix is right, you are behind XForce.
7 months ago
YAY. I am in it. And I see you are friends with Twiggy?
7 months ago
*ApocalypticBrick, Yup!
*WyndGekko, Yup!
6 months ago
You forgot a green spaceman.
6 months ago
No, did you check behind Twiggy?
6 months ago
Not jealous at all!
6 months ago
Ok I need to be added.
6 months ago
Hey BrickBot2.0,

Could you change my name in the description to NANSBRICK, because I have changed my name. Thanks!

5 months ago
I never noticed that you wrote things about your buddies! That so cool, and much appreciated!
5 months ago
Thanks, and, you're welcome!
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