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Me in The Antarctic Apocalypse (Frost Suit) Minifigure
Published 3 months ago
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Here's me! For the 23rd time! This time, It's my Antarctic Apocalypse form, but with my FROST SUIT on! I should really give it a name ;-; Anyways, onto the parts I used.

[Legs] MARVEL Space Suit Iron man legs

[Torso] a torso from the "Exo-Force" theme Confused face

[Right Arm] Warm Gold Right Arm

[Armor] NINJAGO Season 11 shoulder plate

and finally, I used the MARVEL Wasp helmet. I also gave myself a gun, and Excalibur (As always) Hopefully you guys like this custom, and Have a great day!

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3 months ago
That means awesome!
3 months ago
Nice CJ! I'll be sure to include this somehow.... winking face
1 month ago
Nice render CJ! It looks awesome posed like that!
1 month ago
Man, you are totally being inspired by my renders...
1 month ago
What do you edit them on?
1 month ago
I don't edit em, I just make em in the workshop ;-;
1 month ago
me neither, they look cool enough as is.
1 month ago
Can Someone explain me what do you have guys with apocalyptic stuff?
1 month ago
Can Someone explain me what do you have guys with apocalyptic stuff?
1 month ago
Sure thing B4B!
Well, @Frenchfry207 thought of 'The Antarctic Apocalypse' so, then we all started making them, and it kind of went around. winking face
And, I don't really know who started the Apocalypse stuff, but I think it was @WyndGekko that did it. winking face
And, @Frenchfry207 the Person who had thought of 'The Antarctic Apocalypse', asked me directly to make some of a Story for it, as I had before. winking face
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