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Corvos Regulars Regimental Command Squad
Published 3 months ago
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Corvos Regular regiments are formidable forces, equipped to handle nearly any conceivable mission, well-supplied with tanks, guns, and artillery.

each Regular Regiment has the same makeup- four companies of Light Infantry, two Light Mechanized companies, one Tank company, one Artillery company, and a single Headquarters company, most often equipped as a Heavy Mechanized company.

commanding these massive forces- well over a thousand men all told- is a single man, advised and supported by a retinue of critical personnel. These Command Squads direct their forces in battle, conferring with their Battalion commands and overseeing theater-wide strategy, while their subordinates in the Company command squads concern themselves with tactics.

This squad is lead by a Lord Commander with a Power sword and storm bolter, supported by a Regimental Commissar with a chainsword and bolt pistol, a Storm Commando bodyguard with a Hotshot lasgun, and two Veteran troopers- one Veteran Voxcaster and a Veteran carrying the Rgement's standard. he is advised by a senior Magos Militant of the Mechanicus, who wields a Power Weapon and plasma pistol, who brings along a Myrmidon bodyguard carrying a Plasma Cannon, a Fleet officer with a master-crafted Laspistol, a Master of Ordnance, and an Astropath.
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