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Build and Display your own Space (Lego Ideas Contest - Out of this world)
Published 1 month ago
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I like the idea of being a kid, just sitting on the floor between lego bricks, wondering around and building whatever comes in your mind, ... a rocket ship, a UFO, an alien, put a spaceflag to claim your territory, ... and building a whole story around it. 

There is a drawer that can contain the parts of the objects that aren't displayed (alien, UFO, space flag)

Did your fascination for space and lego started in your childhood? 
This display may be something for you?  
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270 pieces
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1 month ago
It is very, very, very, very, very, very, very nice!
Your displays are awesome!
1 month ago
This is impressive. I first fell in love with LEGOs when I was about 3 years old.
1 month ago
Cool! I first started building with LEGO when I was young from the Star Wars theme back in 2013.
1 month ago
Amazing idea and build!! I really like the use of the old hinge parts as the fringe on the carpet, and the use of the inverse ball joint for hands!! I started when I was around 2 or 2 and a half with the Cars (or was it Toy Story??...) theme, and I haven't stopped since.
1 month ago
Thanks for all the nice comments! I really appreciate it!

I must have been 2,5 or 3 years old when I first had fun playing and building with Lego...
As I was 3 in 1980
, I'm familiar with the old hinges I used for the carpet, while the ball joints and inverse of that, are new for me

I lost the interest in Lego as a teenager and after that period, didn't have/ make time for it anymore, but I'm very happy I rediscovered the fun of it less than a year ago! I guess that's, besides the negative reallity of corona, one of the few possitive side-effects for me.

@justyouraveragebuilder: There are a lot of better builds in the contest which are worth to become a real set, so I guess that will not happen ;-(.
1 month ago
i started at 3 it was the pirates castaway raft and the skull cell thingy complete with catapult and cannon. i built em at the same time
1 month ago
@LegoFlo: Wow! You’re pretty talented for someone who hasn’t built since being a teen!
1 month ago
@WizardBuilds1: Thanks for your compliment, ...
I prefered building with real bricks, but because of the limited available bricks at home, the luxury of all bricks available in all possible colors opens much more possibilities!
1 month ago
I agree. Especially when you’re searching for that one piece you need to make an MOC. Also, with digital building, if you make a mistake, you can just slide parts in and out of your model, but you have to take apart some (sometimes a lot) of your model to do it IRL.
1 month ago
@WizardBuilds1: Indeed, it's a big advantage you can change some pieces in the middle of a build without (carefully
) breaking down a part of the build to make some small improvements.
Another big advantage is that you can choose or change the whole colorpallette of the build during the building process very easily!
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