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Chapter 2 Operation 26 Alphabets
Published 2 months ago
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All chapters can be found here https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/r12101l7alB

June 5

As the plane started to fly off the air strip into the beautiful nights sky the men below them waved to the spies inside the plane above, who waved back. Inside the plane the five men were restless with a growing melancholy gripping their hearts
Would they ever see their loved ones again thought the group.
As Devin stood up and gave everyone there food rations and compass he said “y’all ready”
James replied with deep groan then he said “I am ready protect my country on all costs, I will do what ever it takes to stop these rats from destroying my home country.” As he finished talking he looked out the window to see the vast statue of Liberty bidding them farewell, and that was the last he saw before falling to sleep.

10 hours later….

When Nick woke up he gently opened his bag and pulled out some bread and his map.
As he chewed on the bread and studied the map he started to make a line with his pencil showing the best routes to get to the village and the best routes to the factory while staying in the woods and any from clearings so it was harder for them to be spotted. A couple minutes later the rest of the gang was up and was starting to eat breakfast, after their breakfast they just talked about life and what they would do when they reached the abandoned castle. Then a loud voice over the speakers said “ in a few minutes the back door of the plane will open, when it opens you all will jump out and deploy your parachutes, and good luck with your mission” as the pilot finished speaking the men stood up grabbed their bags and prepared to jump out of the plane. When the hatch opened Fred yelled go go go as the men jumped out of the plane and deployed their parachutes.

When Fred landed he unclipped his parachute and pulled out his map and compass he looked then started to walk north toward a patch of woods. As he trudged in the slushy snow he noticed that the sun was starting to awake and that made him start to walk faster and faster hoping to get to the castle before the sun was completely up. He went into a patch of woods hoping that no one would notice him there. After a full thirty minutes of walking he heard a rustling then a voice, then out of nowhere two gunshots were fired at him one falling in front of him another gunshot hit the tree right next to him. Fred stoped turned and started to full sprint northeast.

Hope you liked it please send your opinion on this chapter that’s all for now chapter 3 will be out soon sooooo - God bless
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2 months ago
Nice can't wait for the next chapter.
2 months ago
2 months ago
This is goooooood
2 months ago
2 months ago
2 months ago
also tanks
2 weeks ago
Yeah, this is good! Was there a Chapter 1 though?
But still, very good job!
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