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Light It Up chapter 21
Published 2 months ago
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Previously on Light It Up: Learning that Daisy is the Elemental Master of Light, and the only one who can defeat The Elemental Master of Darkness, the ninjas are now in the Ninjago jungles to train her. Brothers Bob and Doug led them to a sacred part of the jungle.

Chapter 21: Purpose

I walked back into the grotto when Bob called my name. I was anxious and definitely not ready to face the others yet, but Bob seemed to think it was important.
The ninjas all avoided eye contact with me, but Bob and Doug were very happy to see me.
“What is it?” I asked in a grumpier tone than meaning to.
Doug gestured for us to follow him through the grotto and into the last section of the tunnel. Once we made it to the end, Kai lit a torch that was hanging on the wall, illuminating an assortment of tribal paintings on the rocks all around us.
“Woah,” Cole breathed. I would’ve said the same thing if I wasn’t trying to be invisible.
Jay excitedly pointed to one of the rocks that eight different figures painted on it. “Look! It’s us!” It was us in fact. All of our colors were painted on the people, but everyone was lying down except for the yellow one. It was me.
“So,” said Nya with a scowl, “we’re all gonna die.”
Kai face-palmed. “We’re doomed. I knew it!”
Doug rolled his eyes while Bob explained, “This painting shows what will come to pass. That Daisy is the Light Ninja and the only ninja to remain to light the way.”
I blinked and glanced at Lloyd, who also seemed to recognize the sentence.
“You won’t all die,” Bob continued, “but you’ll probably be frozen in Dark Ice for awhile.”
Kai shuddered.
“What does this one mean?” Zane touched a drawing of multiple brown people with tails, cat ears, and carrying spears.
“Those are the Panthera who built this place centuries ago. No one knows why or how they vanished, but they did shortly after it was all completed and their prophecies were made. But then when The First Spinjitsu Master learned what happened to them, he tasked two boys who got lost in the jungles to protect it forever afterwards. He also cast a spell on them so that they wouldn’t age.” Bob gestured to the painting that depicted a scene of that moment. “Those boys were us.”
“There’re so many drawings and prophecies in here,” P.I.X.A.L. observed. “It will take quite some time to analyze them all.”
“You don’t have to know all of them,” said Bob, “just the ones about your fight with The Dark.”
“Then tell us everything,” I said.
He nodded at me. “When the elemental powers were gifted to The First Spinjitsu Master, only four were left out. Water, wind, light, and darkness. That’s because—”
Cole waved a hand. “Yeah yeah, we’ve already heard this part. Just skip to the next one.”
Bob paused for a moment, shrugged, and continued. “Water was given to Nyad, wind to Wu’s first apprentice, while light and darkness were given to The First Spinjitsu Master’s sons. And then they passed on to different people. Relatives, or whoever they wanted to.”
“Wait a second.” Lloyd frowned. “You’re saying that Garmadon chose to pass on his powers to The Dark that’s taking over Ninjago right now?”
“But he had his powers the last time we saw him,” Nya pointed out.
I suddenly realized something. “I’m the new Master of Light, and Wu used his power of light to heal us from the Dark Ice. But if they pass on their powers, shouldn’t they not have them anymore?”
“Yeah,” said Kai, looking to Nya. “Our parents don’t have powers since they gave them to us.”
“You’re all right,” Bob spoke up. “People don’t have to pass down their powers to their offspring, they choose who gets their powers next. But the original owners of the elements don’t lose theirs until the next generation finds their power and unlocks their true potential. I don’t know how or why, but Garmadon wanted whoever The Dark is to have his darkness.”
Lloyd looked confused. “I just don’t know why he didn’t give it to me.”
“Be glad he didn’t,” I said. “Then we’d be fighting you, not this mysterious person.”
He smirked at me.
Doug elbowed his brother and jerked his head toward the grotto. “She’d want us to,” he spoke for the second time since we met him.
Bob suddenly nodded at him and then looked at us. “Follow me.”
“Like we’ve done anything else all day.” Kai scoffed.
As we followed the brothers back up the cave again, I looked at Kai with concern in my cat-eyes. “How are you doing?”
“Uh, fine,” he replied.
“It’s just… You’ve still had your hood up, and that blanket around you.”
“I’m cold inside,” he almost whispered. “I don’t like being cold, and that’s all I’ve felt since the Dark Ice hit me. Thanks, by the way, for melting it.” He looked over at me. “I don’t disagree with my sister much, but she’s wrong about you. It was not a mistake bringing you here.”
I was touched, and tried to think of what to say, but it seemed that Bob and Doug wanted to get our attention.
“This is a radio that we’ve been using to contact someone in The First Realm, who knows a lot about The First Spinjitsu Master,” said Bob, standing in the grotto next to, well, a radio. “We thought you’d like to meet her.”
“Hello ninjas,” came a feminine voice from the devise. “It’s been such a long time.”
“It’s her!” Jay exclaimed.
I was confused “Who?”
Kai perked up. “Faith.”
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2 months ago
Oh Faith she is definitely one of my favorite characters.
2 months ago
Oh how The cookie crumbles

No, like literally
I made a mess
* picks up vacuum cleaner *
Just a sec
2 months ago
Susi: Yes, she’s really cool

B&B: G’luck with that! *passes the broom*
2 months ago
Since when the heck where there was another yellow ninja on Meca
2 months ago
Anyways, nice story!
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