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The Abyss Beginning
Published 11 months ago
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Angle on the speed boat. CG punches the brake and spins the wheel, the boat swerves and stops. He leans over, the water is pitch black.

CG: "This is it. You ready?"

JMan: "As I'll ever be"

CG puts on his depth diver fusion armor and JMan puts his diving suit on. They begin their descent. About 2 minutes after they started going down a strange flounder-like creature swims up to them. It appears friendly. A few more of them start swimming towards him.

CG: "They look friendly, maybe they're passive."

JMan: "What do the research files say?"

The latch on to them.

CG: They're tickling me. Oh, wait no! That's hot acid! Oh, they want to kill us, they want to kill us!"

He rips them off and pulls out the foldable waterproof compound bow and he throws a depth diver knife to Jman. He starts firing, the bow is a fusion armor weapon so the water and pressure don't break the arrows. two of the arrows nail one right in the face while a third one leaves another one bleeding. Jman throws his knife & it cuts two of them in half, more start coming he shines his light in their face. They scurry away.

CG: "Well that woke me up"

Jman: "Tell me about it"

They jumps down onto a platform. CG stomps his foot and the rock seems to be holding up fine under the pressure. There is a chest, JMan opens it and finds that the items inside seem to be surrounded be air bubbles that are keeping the dry and intact.

JMan: "Cool! A sword"

Something blows by in the shadows.

CG: "Huh? What's that?"

He throws some pressure resistant glowsticks, nothing. It charges at him.

CG: "Get ready!"

To Be Continued...
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11 months ago
Very cool and great story!
11 months ago
So, do you want to be on the mic or with me?
11 months ago
I don't care whatever you want!
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