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#17 Shadow Hood, Minifig series
Published 9 months ago
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I'm not the good guy.
Some people say I am. I never was. I never will be, I don't have it. I'm a thief, a liar, and a murderer.
I'm not pure evil either. Some think I'm heartless, savage, but that's not true. There's goodness in me somewhere.
I take from those who deserve it, and I distribute my findings to the low.
I take what I can. The rich have fallen, and the poor have thrived through me.
I keep myself a secret. A mere shadow in life. I have made the downfall of all of those who have discovered me.
My skills surpass all others. No one else is as skilled with the bow as I. It's a part of me. My dagger is a killing machine.
I steal to provide, then I distribute what I have left to those who need it. If anyone finds out, well, then their life gets shorten.
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9 months ago
Awesome, I'm glad to see you're still making these.
9 months ago
@XForce: Thanks! I felt like making one and I haven't made one in awhile, so this is what I did!
@MOCmaster: Thank you!

@CommanderBrick: Thanks...
9 months ago
Nice! Wait, so by reading the description to find out about him, now my life if going to be shortened?!
*slowly turns around to look behind him*
9 months ago
I was thinking about adding that in the description, but I figured you guys could figure out by yourselves!

9 months ago
too bad there's no special surprise in the editor for this one. If you don't mind, I need to go hide now.
9 months ago

He will find you eventually.
Just sayin'.
9 months ago

But don't worry, it still might not be for quite a few years if you hide good enough.
9 months ago
Thanks! It would be cool if Lego looked at Mecabricks for ideas for their minifig series.
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