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Published 1 month ago
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Yup. That’s my new car (wish I had it irl. Even if I did I’m to young to drive.)
So the challenge is to make or custom print the head in my pfp. Ya know the guy with one blue eye and one red with the blue fire coming out of his mouth? Yah that guy. I need it for something and I can’t custom print so I thought I’d make it a challenge.
If you decide to make it with the little strings in workshop (you know what I mean Gman.) don’t use to many or my device won’t load it. You don’t have to make one eye red. You could just make both eyes blue.
If you custom print it (and keep in mind this part is optional) could you make 2 one with blue eyes and blue fire the other with red eyes and red fire? If so than great. It doesn’t have to be to complicated but the one thing you need to do is keep the scar over his left eye ok? Ok. Have fun and don’t kill yourselves by taking to much time making it ok? Good. MAY THE BEST HEAD WIN
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1 month ago
I'm not very good at custom printing so don't be expecting perfection but I will try my best.
1 month ago
I'm even worse at using strings
1 month ago
What expression would you like? I'm making it happy
1 month ago
When I comment the thing to the left of my comment is my pfp
1 month ago
Ok so I need to shorten the deadline to today. As in I’m not really accepting more entries. But if you didn’t make one and you still want to you can but I’m deciding the temporary winner right now.
1 month ago
Yeah I stopped on it, couldnt really get any small eye detail the way I wanted. there's a really good submission that does what I tried to without all the jank
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