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Chapter 5, The Prowler
Published 9 months ago
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This is the fourth chapter of my story, if you haven't read the earlier chapters go to this link: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/1XjdVQGoa8b

Swampy Wilderness, Nal Hutta

The two (Stonewall and Ranger) had been talking for some time now on how to get the planet and away from the mercenary guard. My ship is in the hangar there but it will hard to get since all of the guards are around there. but we should probably get so they don't sell it or something." Stonewall told him. "That's probably our best shot." "Yeah, I agree, but we need a good plan." Ranger replied. "Well, duh." Stonewall exclaimed.

Then a loud shriek came from over in the swamps, it couldn't have been farther away then a hundred meters or so. "The Prowler" Ranger shouted, putting down his visor and grabbing his rifle. Stonewall stepped over aiming his gun at where the sound was coming from, not knowing how big of a threat the so called "prowler" posed. He looked around at his colleagues and saw Rev holding his blaster aimed at the same spot that he was and back at Basker who was halfway up the small cliff both sabers ignited.
It came. It happened so quickly that Stonewall just watched the others work as it happened. It knocked over Rev, causing him to lose his blaster and his visor. It then roared over him. Pug dropped his blowtorch as it did so. Then leaning down to what stonewall speculated, to eat Rev.
Although before this could happen Stonewall noticed that Basker was mid-air ready to slice the monster in half.
It played out exactly like that except for one thing:

He was cut into thirds.

PokerJ - Director
- Basker
- Ranger
- Rev
- Pug
- Rebel's Base Backround
WyTySkol12 - Co-Director
- Stonewall
Cpcarlson - Designer
Evan-larson - Designer
Kellen.Kiser - Designer
- The Prowler

Next Chapter: The next chapter has not been published yet
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5 months ago
I haven't been active in the last couple months so it might be a while before the next chapter comes out
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