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Ford Model A Hotrod
Published 5 years ago
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Tutorial by Outbricks, link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y4tpTTkTmM

Thanks to ricecake for mentioning Brick Brothers, wouldn't have found the video without me knowing about the site!

This car is based off of the Ford Model A, and it has a V8 engine, and fancy wheels! Hope car fans enjoy!
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160 pieces
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5 years ago
Forgot to mention, but could you guys help me, because I haven't found out yet how to make the windshield transparent in Blender!
5 years ago
Are you using the Blender script I made which is available on Mecabricks?
5 years ago
Yes I did, but after I delete the blocks by deleting the Brick section, everything including the ground goes away!
5 years ago
The script didn't run as shown by your render.
Only delete the bricks at the start. Not the ground.
Then Import the collada file. When the model appears in the scene, click on the "run script" button. Do not click or do anything else before - This part has changed now compared to the video tutorial.
5 years ago
Finally! Thanks for the help Scrubs, turns out that the script wouldn't run because I deleted everything including the Model line, the script wouldn't recognise what to do without it! I am currently working on tweaking the light and shade and the gloss!
5 years ago
Oh yea, and one more question Scrubs, how do you stop it from making the whole screen filled with a pink overlay?
5 years ago
This is because you did not assign an environment image for lighting. The pink overlay is the default colour in Blender when a file is missing.

If you do not wish to light your scene with a HDR Image, you will need to deactivate it.
5 years ago
To go further, I noticed a few issues with your model and render:
- Intersecting parts. e.g. spikes on rear wheels.
- Tyre material shall be set to rubber.
- Do not scale your model in Blender. Instead move the camera. Scaling the model after running the script breaks the shader. We can see here that the bevel is way too big which indicates you scaled down the model.

Hope it helps
5 years ago
Thanks for the tips Scrubs, they are very helpful!
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