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71019-21: LEGO Minifigures - The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Series - Complete
Published 3 years ago
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Bring exciting new play possibilities to LEGO® NINJAGO® sets with LEGO Minifigures—THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE™ series, featuring Kai Kendo, Spinjitzu Training Nya, Lloyd, Jay Walker, Cole, Zane, Lloyd Garmadon, Master Wu, Sushi Chef, N-POP Girl, GPL Tech, Shark Army Octopus, Shark Army Great White, Shark Army General #1, Shark Army Angler, Garmadon, Volcano Garmadon, Flashback Garmadon, Misako and Gong & Guitar Rocker. Each minifigure comes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag, together with one or more accessories, plus a display plate and a collector’s leaflet.

Each minifigure comes with one or more accessories, plus a display plate and a collector’s leaflet.
Includes 2 versions of Lloyd, 3 versions of Garmadon and new-for-August-2017 versions of Nya and Kai.
Collect this series of LEGO® Minifigures characters and create your very own action-packed THE LEGO NINJAGO® MOVIE™ scenes!
New-for-August-2017 elements include a black hat and weapon for Garmadon, scarf for Jay, wigs for Lloyd, Jay, Nya, Kai and Misako, octopus helmet, angler fish helmet, bowls, spoons and a 2x3 blue tile with printed blueprint for Lloyd’s dragon mech.
Combine with LEGO® building sets for endless play possibilities.
Have fun trading minifigures with your friends.
PLEASE NOTE: Each ‘mystery’ bag contains one of the 20 characters available in this collection. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for specific minifigures. If you purchase more than one ‘mystery' bag, you may receive 2 or more identical minifigures.
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295 pieces
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3 years ago
Awesome! Great job Scrubs and Stas!
3 years ago
Good job!
3 years ago
Another CMF series *bytes* the digital dust! Congratulations, Scrubs and Stas!
3 years ago
That was a big effort! So many new complicated pieces. Still some more work to complete the whole Ninjago Movie range.

We also ran into an issue with Stas. Due to the huge amount of high resolution maps, it can be very slow or even crash webgl. Let me know here how it works on your computer. I may need to create a low resolution mode in the future.
3 years ago
When I orbit, at first it holds up for a second then it loads. But once I get the first initial movement it works perfectly.
3 years ago
For this user, the entire page slows down whilst it loads, after which process the viewer experiences quite a significant lag until I zoom in to a certain point. At said point it suddenly becomes perfectly happy again and willingly runs at full speed with nary a sign of lag.
3 years ago
This model makes my 4 gb ram computer crash evertime i try to view this
9 months ago
Here's a render. Very great collection all together.
by Stas
1.3k models | 125.9k views
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