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The Dancing Plastic Robot Burger
Published 2 weeks ago
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this might be the dumbest thing I've ever posted... thanks justy O_O...
... anyways.

Welcome one and all! This is the Dancing Plastic Robot Burger Club!!! Okay, told ya this was going to be stupid
... anyways, we are an organization with one heartfelt and utterly passionate purpose: destroy the Waffles!!! That's right, here we grill the best plastic robotic burgers on this side of the sidewalk, and grill them over green flames mind you
. Join today, with a robotic burger of your own, and help smash those waffles and all their sappy syrupy ways. Also, we dance. Victory means nothing unless you can dance afterwards. So yeah, our robots dance

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24.!
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2 weeks ago
i didn't start this guys... your eyes are fooling you... it's just an illusion of the mind
2 weeks ago
Nope, #waffles!
2 weeks ago
I love how there's a random The Force Awakens tag when this has pretty much nothing to do with it.
2 weeks ago
What is with all of these food things anyways? First waffles and now we're gonna get burgers?
1 week ago
@BB22 Well, we're all untitled to our own opinions XD #dancingplasticrobotburgersthat is a really long hashtag O_O
@Dragon DOWN WITH THE WAFFLES!!! And yes... that just randomly popped into my head, so I stuck it in there
. Don't know why, I just thought it was random, so yeah XD."Hello there"

@Zipto I don't know... the Waffle thing has been around for a good while, and for some reason I've had this unspoken thing about not joining... anyways, just for kicks I've also had this idea in the back of my mind about making a rival, and after justy saw a joke I made about Dancing Plastic Robot Burgers, he urged me to actually make one
... I decided it was time to turn my idea into a reality XD

@Justy YeEsS!i!i!i
I mean, as much as I love this model, I hate it's goal in life...
I'm incredibly conflicted.
1 week ago
@Justy *in Darth Vader voice* As you should be
1 week ago
I don't know why that image is so funny, but it is, and I had to stifle my laughter a lot to not burst out in the middle of class XD
1 week ago
@Sabachie XD XD XD XD XD I love the u one...

@Zipto You were looking at your phone during class

@Dimitri That depends XD... I actually prefer a taco or something along those lines... but then again, I'd much rather have a Freddy's Steak Burger and something from Taco Smell... I mean Bell
1 week ago
@greenie, i agree i tend to like pizza or fajitas more, but burgers are always good once and awhile!
1 week ago
@Greenflame24, first of all, I am on a laptop. Second of all, it's fine, I had nothing else to do, and was pretty much in freetime.
1 week ago
*me realising I prefer Hamburgers over waffles but have already joined waffles before this was out ._.*
1 week ago
oh yeah I am joining (for some reason I never joined the waffles so I am joining the obviously predominant burger )
1 week ago
It seems Food War III is beginning…
1 week ago
@Superpup And I'll look forward to seeing you on my side
1 week ago
@Sebachie lol.
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