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Dark Side Rising trailer
Published 1 month ago
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My 200th model has been well used, if I do say so myself

Star Wars: The Lord-Saber Saga: Dark Side Rising trailer

*a black screen glitches and you see a person in a black cloak standing in an all red room, holding the red Lord-Saber. Scene glitches and the title appears on a black background, then drips down like blood. Scene glitches back to the person in the red room and the view zooms in on their face and pure red eyes.*

Kol: “I brought the Saber, my master.”

*shows the person—Kol—bowing before the throne flanked by two Red Guards. Scene glitches and turns black.*

*RELATE by For King & Country begins to play quietly*

*scene shows the Lord-Saber cave as it collapses. View focuses on Swo as he stumbles to Willa’s bloodied body on the floor. He holds her in his arms. Scene switches to Daka, Zoha, and Reu in a space shuttle talking to the captain, who is shadowed from view.*

Daka: *frowning* “You didn’t have to come for us. You could’ve just left us.”

*view zooms in on the pilot’s face, revealing Ebony*

Ebony: *turns around in her seat* “Would you’ve liked it if I left you? Hold on, we have more stops to make.”

*scene turns black*

*the Star Wars theme plays*

*scene brightens and the Mos Eisley town on Tatoowine is shown. View goes to a group of hooded people walking into a shop. View sweeps the store where a mechanic is replacing human limbs with droid ones.*

*music ends*

Swo: *carrying Willa* “She needs a prosthetic leg. Please, it’s an emergency.”

The mechanic: *turning around suspiciously* “How many credits ya got?”

Ebony: *pushes through the group* “Enough to cover whatever’s needed.”

*scene switches to everyone outside the shop, without Willa among them*

Daka: “Ebony, why are you here?”

Ebony: “Because I’ve finally learned what the First Order is doing. They’re building another Death Star, but this one is so much worse. I’ve heard rumors it will be called StarKiller Base.”

Daka: *sighs* “What can we do?”

Zoha: “We can fight!”

Daka: *looks around at everybody* “Well, a resistance has to start somewhere.”

*scene switches to Daka, Zoha, Reu, and Ebony knocking on a door of a Tatoowine home*

D94-Y: *opening the door* “So, the masters have finally come in for a visit. Wipe your feet first, please, you do not want to make a mess and have us lesser beings clean it up for you.”

Daka: *walking in and patting the droid on the shoulder* “Hello, D9, I’ve missed you.”

R2-E6: *laughing beeps*

*sequel dark side music plays*

*scene switches to Star Destroyers and Snoke’s ship appearing in space through hyperspace. Scene switches to inside Snoke’s ship where Kol—wearing black armor and a helmet—is standing in the red room facing another person in black robes and a mask.*

Snoke’s voice: *from his throne* “You must fight for the honor of becoming my apprentice. FIGHT!”

*both Sith ignite their sabers, one the Lord-Saber and the other just a single red blade. They charge and battle.*

*scene switches to the inside of a house where Willa is practicing walking on her prosthetic leg. Scene switches to Swo and Willa standing in the sand watching the Tatoowine sunset while holding hands.*

Willa: “We have to turn Kol. One way or the other, we have to stop whoever wields the Lord-Saber.”

*scene switches to Swo Willa in Stormtrooper disguises on Snoke’s ship bursting into the red room. Scene switches to Willa in her normal robes dueling lightsabers with the competing Sith apprentice. Scene switches to Daka and his resistance storming into a Star Destroyer. Scene switches to X-Wings attacking TIEs in space. Scene switches to Willa, Swo, and Kol standing together in the red room with blue, orange, and green blades in their hands. The screen glitches to black.*
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1 month ago
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! I'm guessing this will be the last book cuz it's the third one?
1 month ago
Thank you so much!
And yeah, it’s the third and final book of The Unlikely Jedi trilogy
1 month ago
man i cant wait, like seriously if i do i spontaneously combus-
*spontaneous explosion*
1 month ago
Thank you…*grabs the mop* What a mess, bones everywhere
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