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The Workshop: 00.2
Published 2 months ago
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As the figure loomed closer, I realised it was a minotaur, which meant that the walls around me were the walls of the Labyrinth. It's like the workshop knew exactly what I was thinking and created it, I thought.

"That's exactly what it did." said the minotaur.

You can hear my thoughts? I thought.

"No, but the workshop can and it can relay those messages to me." said the minotaur. "Now, if we're done talking, I have strict orders to kill you."

Orders from whom? I thought.

"The system ordered the workshop to animate me to kill you." the minotaur replied.

The system? I thought back.

"Well, since I will kill you anyways, I might as well bring you up to speed with your friends. We have about 20 - 30 users in Mecabricks currently, at least 7 or 8 of whom are captured. However your other friends who haven't been captured are in the library, and the ones who have been captured are in the lobby, although Cakery is an exception. He is in the lobby but hasn't been captured, although I'm guessing he will be soon. How do you humans say it? Curiosity killed the cat, or in this case, curiosity killed the cake. Anyhow, we're in the workshop, which can create anything a user thinks of. YOU were the one who created me and this maze, but it was the workshop who animated me. This new Mecabricks order, for need of a better name, is ruled by the new system, who took over the old system and now controls most of the domain, although there still are some places the old system can go where the new system can't. The system took over the 'Disk of The_An0nym', which now sucks any users who find it into Mecabricks. However, although it works for it, the workshop is much older than the new system. It is a separate entity who was created along with the old system. It asks me to destroy you. Also, don't even think about trying to escape because even if you make it back to the lobby you will have to battle hordes of drones called processors, and 'processor bots', as well as IDS bots. Honestly, it's better if you just let me kill you."

Yeah, I thought, not going to happen.

I lowered my head and charged.

I hope you guys like it!
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