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Imperial Auxiliary Ordinance Battalion
Published 1 month ago
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This model represents the 803rd Imperial Armour Regiment, though 'Regiment' is a misleading term as the unit's strength is closer to that of a Battalion. The 803rd was mis-matched at its formation, intended to be a self-contained, mobile artillery battery. The core of assault walkers was supported by a company of AT-DTs for fire support, and an A6 Juggernaut that served as a mobile command post. Aside from half a dozen AT-STs for support, scouting & fire control, the 803rd possessed little in the way of close defence, besides the anti-infantry weapons of the four AT-SPs forming the Battalion's core.

In its brief field career, the 803rd often required support from other Battalions and was rarely used for the frontal assaults that its AT-SPs were designed for. The 803rd would soon wind up garrisoned on the mid-rim world of Talavera, its heavy walkers relegated to propaganda actions and glorified guard duty. Until ships bearing the Starhawk Emblem appeared in Talavera's skies.

[All credit for design of the AT-SP belongs to the renowned Fractalsponge http://fractalsponge.net/?p=3057 , whose renders of the A6 Juggernaut were greatly helpful. http://fractalsponge.net/?p=3282 . Also have to give credit to Ccruz123 and their Turbo Tank model, which greatly influenced the part choice for the A6.]
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17 hours ago
*jaws insanely dropping*
17 hours ago
this was SO GOOD that when it was loading i actually thot it was a render
17 models | 2.1k views
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