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The Robin
Published 2 weeks ago
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The YT-130 was a Corellian freighter designed for small on-world deliveries. They would be piloted mostly by postal carriers and grocers. The two uneven legs made the ship quite prone to tipping if loaded in a poor fashion, but there was never a need to fix this, as they were always either in flight or secured by a docking port. Every Robin was manned by a pilot and an engineer, as the ship was a tad unwieldy and sometimes required maintenance on the go.

This particular YT-130 is a postal ship, as shown by the blue markings, and her crew has dubbed her the Robin. It has been modified with a laser turret underneath the hull to defend against pirates, which have become unexpectedly common in recent times on Corellia.
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2 weeks ago
Reminds me of hachiroku24's Millennium Falcon cross-section build, but with the sides complete.
2 weeks ago
I love this, really cool design!
2 weeks ago
Fun little model! There's always a certain charm in seeing the humble ships which might populate the scenes of everyday life. Heroic starfighters and terrifying warships always have their own appeal, but it's not often we get a glimpse at the tools of the everyman.
2 weeks ago
holy mother of god this should be in the movies you should make it out of normal lego bricks and post it on ideas
2 weeks ago
Fantastic design- it's really interesting seeing the iconic features of the Millenium recontextualized in a smaller design.
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