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Me as Flash!
Published 5 days ago
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Name: Tom C. Wilson

Backstory: When he was 9 he was an Irresponsible kid one day it was storming outside so his "Irresponsible self" kicked as he ran outside his mom would yell for him to get back in the house but he didn't listen he ran outside in the rain all of sudden he was struck by lightning he was in a coma for 8 Days as he woke up he got up from the bed everywhere was silent he was looking around everyone was moving in slow-motion he ran outside the hospital and looked around more his hand was vibrating he ran into his house so he turned on the T.V. even that was in Slow-Motion! 2 Minutes later (In his time) his mom walked in and then all of sudden everything went to normal speed she was confused how he got here just glad he was ok "I-I think I have superspeed..! Like that one guy from the Show The Flash!" 7 Years Later he made his own suit and now calls himself The Flash with the help of his Two Friends Cymberly Queen and James Brolin

Powers: Super Speed, Able to strike lightning from his hands, Time Travel, Dimensional Travel, and The Ability to go through solid objects

Gadgets: Flameproof suit

Weaknesses: Any Weakness a Human Has

Personality: (Much Like Wally West From Young Justice)
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is this a real superhero, or did you make it up? also, super speed's nothing without super endurance.
is this a real superhero, or did you make it up? also, super speed's nothing without super endurance.
5 days ago
Cool! Btw you don’t have to have a back story
5 days ago
I wouldn't have super endurance if just have super speed...
3 days ago
To be honest I did really good on this one and I made a pretty good custom Torso
3 days ago
now it is coooooll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 days ago
this reminds me of that one character called zoom i think
2 days ago
But Zoom is a bad guy
2 days ago
To be honest this reminds me more of Comic Savitar not CW's because their Savitar is huge compared to comic Savitar
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