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Animal Seed Piece Challenge!
Published 2 months ago
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Hello there! I have a challenge for you, the reader.

Create some sort of MOC, it can be anything. But the seed piece of said MOC must be an animal-related piece, whether that be an animal itself, an animal accessory, or even a wing. It just must be animal-related.

Your final build does not have to be animal-related by any means. xD

As you can see, I've made two examples. The first, using the large octopus mold in architecture as a creative handle holder. The second, using a snake staff piece as horns in Loki's helmet, as well as a shark's jaw forming the top.

You can build anything you like, you can use any pieces you like, and there's no deadline or competition. Now, enjoy yourself!

(Make sure to tag your post (doesn't have to be on Mecabricks, it can be YT, FB, Insta, Flickr, anywhere) with #AnimalSeedPieceChallenge)

Good luck, everyone!

(Official Flickr post here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/190556590@N02/51347803357/in/dateposted-public/)
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2 months ago
i saw a post on Flickr the other day of a collection of mechs made for lego animals instead of minifigs and thought it was an interesting idea, im super busy right now though so when's the deadline?
2 months ago
can I build it IRL and the PM you a pic?
2 months ago
Amy: There's no deadline, I just planned for this to be a passive thing that you do for fun. No competition, just an idea for something to build.

KoA: What would be best is if you could post it somewhere on the internet. Maybe you build it IRL and then recreate it in Mecabricks, or maybe you post it on Flickr or Instagram. It's entirely your choice, but it's not a contest, just something to get your wheels turning.
2 months ago
yea I may have to rebuild it on MB cause I don't have flicker or Instagram
2 months ago
My first thought was...

"I have a challenge for you. I want you to go to every computer in your house; your mom's, your dad's, your sister's, your brother's and install honey."
2 months ago
excellent idea! can my Viking axe count?
2 months ago
Ship: As it's not a competition or anything, and it's meant to be a creativity-sparking sort of thing, I think not. That axe is amazing, though.
2 months ago
But the axe uses snakes...
2 months ago
Your axe uses the snakes as decoration elements not a seed piece
2 months ago
My point was that why use it if it's already made? It's not a competition or anything, the point is to see what people come up with, so why submit something you already made?
2 months ago
ohhh I thought it was a competition. my bad.
2 months ago
@Greenie ok then Mr. Beast,
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