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7684-1: Pig Farm & Tractor
Published 10 months ago
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The inventory is 100% accurate! (No stickers or decals in this build.)

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This set no. 7684 'Pig Farm & Tractor' came out in 2010 as part of the CITY "Farm" subtheme. It was an exclusive release in many countries, labeled "Hard To Find" on LEGO.com and not presented in general consumer catalogs.

The "Farm," which only lasted for a couple of seasons in 2009-2010, was one of the few CITY subthemes that didn't have predecessors in the "Classic Town." LEGO did have several models featuring horseback riding in the 1980s and '90s—including a set no. 6379 'Riding Stable' in "Town" and, of course, "Paradisa" line-up—but when it came to agriculture or stockbreeding, indeed, nothing. Very odd, considering that every other aspect of "everyday life" was covered extensively: grocery shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors, even milk trucks!

Just recently, in 2021, LEGO released a new "Farm" set no. 60287 'Tractor' (https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/tractor-60287). It's curious to see whether more "Farm" scenarios are to reappear!

⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎ PIGS
The 'Pig Farm & Tractor' became the first LEGO System model to include pigs (part #87621). It's one of the less common LEGO animals, with just six appearances since 2010.

⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎ FARM
The pig pen has a small open shed with a water pump and a fenced section (made of ladder pieces). One of my favorite items is a feeding trough—a Treasure Chest Lid (part #4739) upside down! What an ingenious solution; I'd bet one of very few LEGO sets that only came with one half of the Treasure Chest.

⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎⚡︎ TRACTOR
The vehicle has an excellent design, finished in black, dark grey, and lime (or "bright yellowish green") with a "transpari-black" canopy. It dated pretty well!

The Tractor uses a 1 x 5½ Friction Cylinder (part #87617) as an exhaust pipe—a new LEGO piece debuted in 2010. (Only used once for the same function before, in a set no. 7213 'Off-Road Fire Truck & Fireboat'). Notably, the Tractor has a few connectors left "unused" in this build—apparently, these connection points are for accessories from 2009 "Farm" vehicles. Quite an unusual case of "cross-model compatibility," especially for a follow-up season!

The Trailer, finished in a contrasting "red-and-light-grey" pallette, has a modular structure, snapping off the chassis. A flatbed section with dropdown sides has an expendable loading ramp and tool holders on each side of the hitch (for the shovel and broom).
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9 months ago
4085v3 shall be replaced by 60897
Transparent cheese slopes shall use 35338 (50746)
60475v1 shall be replaced bu 60475v2
53989 shall be replaced by 98313
195 models | 13.1k views
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