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Mecabricks Stories - The Lost Stories
Published 5 months ago
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I am SnapStudio, and here are the long-awaited "Lost Mecabricks Stories"! These stories never made it into the project in time, so here’s a special look at them now! Today we have two Mecabricks Users to interview, j2fam77, and TheNinjaBrick.

First up is TheNinjaBrick's story!

On Christmas Day in 2019 I got lots of stuff, many of them being LEGO and my most loved one was Destiny’s Bounty. I wanted that and I finally got it, but some pieces can’t be put on so I went on Mecabricks on my iPad for the first time. But my iPad couldn’t load Destiny’s Bounty because of the memory on the set. And I didn’t make an account until the 21st of January of this year, and I reached my 100th model nearly 4 months after I joined.

This user now has 183 models, sadly 0 renderings, 3.5K views, and 55 likes.

Now for j2fam77’s story!

It was January 5th, and I was bored, so I decided to go look on the internet for (I think) the first time ever. I wanted to do Lego Ideas, but I wasn't 13 yet (I'm still not), so I came up with the brilliant IDEA (muy cómico, eh?) to cheat the server, so. I asked my mom about it and she didn't know what to do and I forgot what she said (told you I was stupid), so I asked my dad about it and he didn't know what to do, since LLD (Lego Digital Designer) didn't work on our old computer, and thusly, my elaborate(ish) plan failed. But. Since moms are so awesome, she didn't give up on me and found this website, and uh, (snort) the rest is history.

This user now has 270 models, 1 rendering, 8.6K views, and 425 likes.

And there you have it folks, The Lost Mecabricks Stories!

And that wraps up the activity, it’s been great fun, thanks again for participating!

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5 months ago
im making a apocalips story
5 months ago
want to be in it
5 months ago
What do you guys think of my "custom" head?

@REEKID No thanks.
5 months ago

I just clipped two heads together, so yeah...
5 months ago
Are u making a series 2?
There is a lot of Mecabricks users!
5 months ago
If I did want another series to come out, I'd probably ask another user if they’d like a turn at hosting it.

I highly doubt Scrubs would get involved, he hasn’t been very good (that I have seen) at communicating with other users lately...
5 months ago
Who else, by reading my story, has accepted my utter stupidity? Just wondering. Good news though! I turn 13 next year so,
5 months ago
On the teenager thing, not the "stupidity" you mentioned.
4 months ago
Aha... innocent BYiC and sneaky j2. I see. O_Q
4 months ago
Hey, Snapper! Cool custom face! One question: Is this still open? Like, would it be possible for me to do an interview like this?
4 months ago
Thanks man!

The "custom" face thing was kind of a joke though, I just used clipping...

Sorry, but I wrapped the project up a while ago. I really should do a second season, to interview users like you, @GreenFlame24, and @KnightofElabor.

But . . . I’m currently pretty busy, with writing my book and all.

Time will tell...
2 months ago
Only found these story models today! I really love these interviews :>
Hopefully they'll make a comeback in the near future, I look forward to seeing more!
2 months ago
Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed reading!
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