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Published 6 days ago
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I have a lot to say.

First of all, I wanna make it very clear that I LOVE being here. The Mecabricks community is amazing, and everyone here is so creative. I have only been here for a week, and I have enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. MODEL. Seriously, you guys are so talented and creative.

Second, no one's competitive. Believe me, I know what hardcore competition looks and feels like. I play a range of FPS games, along with Fortnite, and let me say, a lot of people are always arguing with each other, "Oh, you don't have this, therefore you're not good at the game," and those people are obnoxious to interact with. But here, I can ask for help and tips and RECEIVE IT! (I know, crazy, right? Also, MOCmaster, thank you for your help and kindness. You have been extremely friendly towards me and everybody you have interacted with thus far).

Third and finally, the aspect of INFINITE BRICKS. I mean, not that it's already a well known fact throughout this community, but Mecabricks is amazing because you can do LITERALLY whatever you'd like with the building aspect of the Workshop. You can change the material and color of every LEGO, and you can use as many pieces as you require. You can use tools to help you place bricks precisely, and you can even RENDER the models you make into pictures! Who would've thought, right?

All I can say, is that this site, this LEGO building simulator, is the best thing I have seen in a hot minute. Thanks for your time, and keep doing what you guys do best, be creative! Build your strengths and break your weaknesses, because everybody here is capable of anything they put their mind too, me included (because it took me while to realize that).

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6 days ago
1. Welcome to Mecabricks!!!
2. Love the speech!
6 days ago
Awesome speech! Welcome to Mecabricks!
6 days ago
Thanks guys! It really does make me feel better to interact with everybody here! I really do appreciate it!
6 days ago
Welcome to the club! Have fun!
5 days ago
Can't wait to see you more!
4 days ago
Bienvenue chez Mecabricks! Great to have you on board
4 days ago
Hi there! Welcome to Mecabricks! I hope to see some great models from you (no pressure
3 days ago
Awesome speech! (If you ran I’d probably vote for you as president of Mecabricks)
3 days ago
@DougisWougis, dalegoboss, Dat_Boi_Scopes, tarnizhed_bricks Thanks a lot you guys, I really appreciate it a lot!

@j2fam77, InterBrick Thanks, but I'm not as talented as some of the other creators on mecabricks, but I'll do my best!

@NINJACATZ Hehe, Im not so sure about that, I've only been here for about 3 weeks, and I think most of the candidates have been here for at least a couple of months, but I appreciate your kindness, and who knows, maybe I will run for president! XD
3 days ago
@Kazuhira_A7X: That's what we all try to do around here.
3 days ago
Welcome to Mecabricks! I'm looking forward to seeing what models you'll make!
2 days ago
Welcome buddy, I wholeheartedly agree with you, Mecabricks is great!
19 hours ago
I suppose I'm fairly late here, but Welcome Kazuhira!
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